Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lush handmade Cosmetics Lipstick review.

Hello, it's been a while.
The review I have today is for the Lush Cosmetics Emotional Brilliance lipsticks. Before we get to that here is an update about what I've been up to, don't worry it will be fast.
Latest thing I did was participate in the VIB rouge sales event (Future post of what I got.) Then I went on a last minute planned New York trip. Mom asked if I would like to accompany her, went, saw stuff, shopped, and loved it. I've been busy with my job, life, and sleep or lack there of.

Now for the review, I've seen this line before but never had the chance to explore the Emotional Brilliance line till now. If you've seen Lush products before you know some what of the surface of what Lush really is. If you shop there regularly you know much of the products. Yet if you've worked or currently work there you know how amazing of a company it is. When I was younger I didn't care for the store, I just thought it smelled too strong and the people there a little to friendly. Then a couple years later I applied there for a seasonal job, now it wasn't my first choice Sephora was. Sephora rejected me, in fact they rejected me a total of 3 times then had the balls to ask me to apply a 4th time. Lush hired me, trained me, helped me grow, and allowed me to fall in love on my own time. After the season was over I was hooked, but they didn't keep me. 3 years later I'd be working for them and being one of those same friendly people. I actually enjoying the smell now. After working at A&F for 5 years believe me it's a way better scent and less strong then Lush is.

Here is a list of products:
1. Vibrance - Sheer shimmery orange
2. Strong - Warm tomato red cream/matte
3. Perspective - Lightly shimmered dusty rose
4. Glamorous - Cool pop pink
5. Confident - Lightly shimmered plum with red tones

Lush Lip colors.

Lush lipstick are pretty unique because of the packaging. Some get confused thinking they are nail polish but no. These are liquid lip colors. Highly pigmented, hand made, and have naturally derived ingredients. These are moisturizing and easy to build. One thing that I find is that the list of all the ingredients are on the tag that have the name of the lip color. The basic ingredients are rose wax, jojoba oil, and candelilla wax. Unfortunately sometimes the rubber band holding the tag snaps off and takes that info with it. Luckily they have a sticker on the bottom of the lipsticks with the names and catch phrases to inspire emotion. Because there is actually a color game  called Emotional Brilliance that goes with the Lush's entire makeup line. I could go on about it but I got to focus more on this review first. So without anymore delays here are the lip colors.


Lush lip color - Confident.

Like any other plums, grapes, berry shades. I don't usually wear these types of shades but when I do I feel bold and daring which is exactly why this color was named as such. What naturally attracted me to this shade was the blue opalescent shimmer in it which is like no other lipstick I have ever owned or seen. With a deep brick red undertone and a cool berry mix is great for falls and winters. I find with this shade I did have to blot some of the moisture out because it had a tendency to slide around. To reach full opacity just give it two coats blot the first and you'll be set. The vamp color does require a little confidence to wear but it's not impossible to pull off.


Lush lip color - Glamorous.

Glamorous is a sweet Barbie pink color with a cream sheen to it. This color was a little hard at first to work with because it can clump when not dried for a second coat. But once you get that full opacity and some great lighting it becomes an electric pink. IF you want to turn it into a matte shade just blot the excess moister and finish with translucent finishing powder. Either way your lips will be nicely conditioned. This shade is a hint of what a glamorous pop star life includes.


Lush lip color - Perspective.

When I first saw this color I didn't really think much of it, in fact I didn't even want to get it at first. But one day at work I forgot to put blush on and I looked particularly washed out that day. So I used the tester as my blush and it looked good. As a lipstick, I felt like I have so many of this type of shade already. Which is that pinky peach with some luster mixed in. Yet this lip color is pigmented enough to give me that lipstick look with a hint of your lips but better. As a matte it is a great everyday color and even a great cheek tint. It gave me a new perspective about natural beauty.


Lush lip color - Strong.

This was the first color I got, the second I saw it I knew this was a killer red lip vixen color. A bright rich tomato red that can become a luscious matte lipped vixen. It is so easy to use and any lipstick lovers dream to work with. Opacity can be pretty much reached with a single thick coat. Unlike usual mattes though this condition your lips well. Yet I will say you need to blot this shade because it does have a tendency to run.  Strong is exactly the feeling it conveys while you wear it, bold, bright, in your face as well as on it, and lovely. Wonder Women would approve. ;)


Lush lip color - Vibrance.

At first I thought this was an eye shadow shade, because the eye liners, and eye shadows all have the same packaging. But when I looked at the catalog I felt pretty dumb since it turned out to be a lip color. Probably wont stop me from using it as both though. This color looks like a wet orange peel for your lips, making them juicy and Vibrant. I have quite a collection of shimmery orange color lip products. Vibrance was nice to work with and no blotting necessary. Even sheer it out for a little shimmer on your lips. You might get glitter left on after removing it, but nothing like glitter nail polish.

Until next month stay tuned, kidding I will make a recent up date post which will included the Haul I got from New York.

So whether you're late in the game or ahead of the trend, just do it cause it makes you happy.

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