Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks (review)

I have a short but sweet review for you, in regards to the *New* Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks. Sephora kindly clued me in to the new summer launches for lipsticks and even though at first I was all lipsticked out from the Macaron lippies/MAC hauls. When I saw the new look of the Kat Von D vintage matte lipsticks I thought "I could get into that... I like studs on things, why not my lipstick?" Lets be real though. Even a lipstick connoisseur like I have not scratched the surface of the many brands, shades, and cute packaging out there. But these shades and textures where too good to pass up. So with out any time to waste.

List of Products:
Studded Kiss Lipstick - Kat Von D
1. Gothica (Brick red copper infused with gold glitter.)
2. Coven (Cool lavender pastel.)
3. Wonderchilde (Shimmery warm orchid.)
4. Sexer (Pink fuchsia with blue shimmer.)
5. Poe (Metallic navy with purple undertones.)
6. Slayer (Matte black.)

Will you just look at that hard-ass packaging! It does tend to make it bulky, but I still love the detail. Also her initials printed in old english text for that tatted look. All these lipsticks were amazing.

Kat Von D - Studded Kiss Lipsticks: Gothica, Coven, Wonderchilde, Sexer, Poe, & Slayer.


Studded Kiss Lipstick - Gothica
Studded Kiss Lipstick - Gothica

Gothica was not one of my intentional first buys at first. Yet when I swatched it on my hand in the store I fell head over heals with how wonderful it was. It is a brick red with gold glitter infused. Even when I swatched it on my lips I did not feel that glitter at all. So smooth, comfortable, moisturizing and was absolutely beautiful.



Studded Kiss Lipstick - Coven
Studded Kiss Lipstick -Coven

Coven, was not what I expected at first. I thought this would be my 2nd chance to grab a lavender lipstick since I wasn't able to for the MAC Osbourne Kelly one. Almost borderline gray on me in certain lighting. The pigmentation on this lipstick is crazy good. Hardly had any patches and makes my brown eyes pop. A matte moisterized lavender feild for the lips.


Studded Kiss Lipstick -Wonderchilde
Studded Kiss Lipstick -Wonderchilde

Wonderchilde was one of those 'I have purple hair but no purple lipstick to match,' purchases. But I think I did good on this one because it is gorgeous. Not dark like Lime Crime's - Poisonberry, but rather light and warm. The feel of this is just as effortless and smooth as the first two. The warm undertone of the orchid balances the cool shimmer that catches light. I loved this more then I knew I would.


Studded Kiss Lipstick -Sexer
Studded Kiss Lipstick -Sexer

Sexer was the first one I got out of the first color launch. I was going to go safe with the orange shade but thought I need to get out more. Plus a matte fuchsia is what I've been wanting for a while. This is what got me hooked on all the other shades was the application. Flawless, smooth, and just divine. A pink fuchsia with blue shimmer to make it look cool, the blue shimmer mattes out so it's only easy to see on the bullet.


Studded Kiss Lipstick -Poe
Studded Kiss Lipstick -Poe

Poe was the color I was most interested in. I've never owned a navy blue lip product before and since I couldn't get the Illamasqua one off the internet (It's a US can't get this sorry not sorry.) The bullet is a dark purple which threw me off at first but I remember reading the description so I swatched it anyway. A dark metallic navy blue, glided on nice, yet was a little hard to get an even consistency. In regular lighting though you can't see the patches.


Studded Kiss Lipstick -Slayer
Studded Kiss Lipstick -Slayer

Slayer makes me think of Faith from Buffy the Vampire slayer TV series. Although her lipstick was more of a blood red brown (Gotta love the 90's). This made me think of that character the dark slayer. I have never owned a matte black lipstick before and always wanted one (That wasn't MAC). So this was a collectors purchase. It does have a tad resemblence for patch work like Poe. Yet it's manageable with the right lip primer and liner.

I have been on the fritz lately sorry, after I got hired at my new job they have been working me hard. Don't get it twisted though I love the job, yet with this new Manager it's been kind of hard to gauge their emotions. I don't post or make videos often anymore but hopefully with time and money I can get back to sharing my findings with you. <3

Whether you're late in the game or ahead of the trend, do it because it makes you happy.

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  1. These are great swatches and an amazing post. Thank you so much!