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Ipsy April 2014 bag (Review)

My Glam bag review/update~

Ello my sweet peas! I haven't been on here in a while I understand some of you are wondering where I have gone. I am still on the search for a good affordable school to get my Esthetician license, which is a lot harder then it seems here. Long story short HCC messed up pretty bad and then continued to disappoint my efforts. But my co-work AT MY NEW JOB!~ gave me a heads up on an even better school though it's farther away and would require me to brave the Hawaii traffic for a year 1/2. I am willing to fight for this dream.

On a lighter note I dyed my hair purple/indigo ombre! It is the first time that I have ever done this type of hair style, and so far I've notice it is an attention grabbing hair style. Sometimes it's annoying and sometimes it's just fabulous. It will also be a new challenge and comfort level pusher for me. Which I have been craving for some years now. Like 14 year craving. I've been at an all girl school for 7 of them and at a stress-filled dead end job with a ridiculous dress code. Here it is!

And now for the review...

 Ipsy April 2014 bag (Review):

Lets start off will the theme which is beauty rocks, because it does. I haven't personally been to a concert for a long time now though. Even when Bruno Mars came home, I found $300-$2000 ticket price which was sold out with in 2 hours utterly redonkulous! Damn scalpers. That's ok though, I only really like one song from the talented artist.
The bag I got was good, I liked it and even bought some of the products that I didn't get in my bag. Rainbow honey nail polish is the bee's knees, and for 20% it was a good deal. Bought two shades love em both. Now I also got products I didn't think they'd give me but I pretty much got all that I wanted.

List of products:
1. [Full sized] Cailyn, Tinted Lip Balm - Acid Pink.
2. [Sample sized] Benefit, Lollitint - Candy Orchid.
3. [Full sized] Kiss, Look so natural lashes - KFL01.
4. [Travel sized] Urban Decay, 24/7 Velvet Glide-on eye pencil - Black Velvet.
5. [Full sized] City Color, White Gold shadow & Highlight mousse.

Product photos:

My Ipsy April 2014 Glam bag.

I love how their bags have an inside lining now, and even more details like the logo on the zipper. They really have upped the game since they have started. I also like how they at least had more then just one full sized product even give you added discounts. Can't wait till next month, I just hope it doesn't get stuck in Richmond CA again.

Product photos and review time:

Cailyn, Tinted Lip Balm - Acid Pink.

Now I was hoping to get the Apple pink color, but I got Acid Pink instead. They have a tendency to send me fuchsia shades. But oddly enough this did not seems like a balm at all, it was richly pigmented when I expected sheer coverage. Is good it's a great product definitely moisturized and gave me a great rocking color. The brush is nice and soft which made it easy to apply and just over all is a great richly pigment balm (like a lipstick). It will match my hair now. ;)

Benefit, Lollitint - Candy Orchid.

This was something I could do without, even though when they gave me a sample Rose tint. Candy Orchid was not really my cup of tea, the stain is stronger then the Rose tint. Lasted longer too, so if you are looking for a light bright pinkish purple tint this is perfect. It does start out milky but quickly dissipates into a Orchid lip stain. Which is great if you want to have a nice lip product with the Pantone's color of the year.

Kiss, Look so natural lashes - KFL01.

Oh! I wanted these soo badly. This particular one as well, Kiss has a great way of making such affordable lashes with a natural light weight vibe. Haven't personally used these yet but I am ready when ever I decide to. They are feather tapered which makes batting your lashes twice as fluttery. I hope when these arrive in CVS stores I can grab one more and use them as demi lashes.

Urban Decay, 24/7 Velvet Glide-on eye pencil - Black Velvet.

Oh my~ this was amazing, I loved how it was easy to use and creamy soft. Have tried their Navy liner and this is just as smooth and manageable. Gave me a nice soft winged eyeliner and just worked even better when I tight lined as well. I did get a little flakiness in later hours on the bottom eye line. I wore this for about 8-9 hours with tiny fall out. A little did get into my eye and caused minor irritation but did not cause my eyes to freak out. This is great for a nice warm soft look.

City Color, White Gold shadow & Highlight mousse.

Exciting to try new products, I love how warm toned this shadow is. Did a simple eyeliner look with this and the Urban decay velvet pencil. Put this on the center of my lids and it just brought my whole look together. I did not expect this to be as creamy as it was. Because I did have to blend it so it wouldn't clump in areas. Next time I use this, it will be for a cheek bone highlighter to see how it would look on my pale skin tone. Not to sure if it has a tendency to crease because I used an eyelid primer.

Ok my sweets!
Thank you so much for still being interested in my blog which I haven't updated in a while. I am not going to lie I have been in a search for some direction in my life and when I realized I had stopped doing the things I love it just made me sad. I like to share my findings and read yours as well. Hope I can be a little more self-disciplined with my blog. And update it's look as well. 


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