Friday, November 1, 2013

Smokey Brown Diamond mani

Yet another Fall themed nail art mani that is even easier to do! Yes, I do a lot of easy manicures. Mostly because I hardly have the patience to sit for long hours at a time not touching anything. I bought the Elf Disney villain theme nail polish collection at the local Walgreens and my plan is to use all the colors at least once. Using one of the colors from the Cruella Deville series called Smokey brown. I just added some medium sized gems and voila. A simple nail mani that matches the Smokey browns of the fall season. This is the third Halloween inspired fall mani.

*To set the nail art gems use a decent dot of the top coat to adhere it securely.

Product list:
1. Seche Vite, dry fast - base coat.
2. Elf Disney villains 2013 nail varnish - Smokey brown.
3. Medium sized nail art gems - Silver/clear color.
4. Seche Vite, dry fast - top coat.

Product Photo:

Nail polish mani Photo:

Elf (Disney Villains 2013) - Smokey Brown

Whether you're late in the game or ahead of the trend do it because it makes you feel fabulous.


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