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IPSY November 2013 bag (Review)

I don't know how to apologize for this review for being so late. Been in a stressful rush lately to apply to get my Esthetician license with some hiccups and possibly missing the due date. I am glad to say I am back home in Hawaii and ready to work (preferably not in retail.) Then again to be honest with my readers the few that there are, I never planned to be 26 still living with my parents. They are amazing people don't get me wrong but sometimes when you fail at getting a job or anything career wise it can become disheartening. The last thing I want to be is a disappointment to them, I want to live on my own, and know what it's like to file my own taxes without help. Yet I am part of the percentage of Americans that don't get a job in their field right after they graduate College because it's competitive and they like this thing called experience (And they don't want to be the ones to give it to you.) All personal matters aside I love my interest in the cosmetic world and the fan base it creates. And I hope I can share my gathered knowledge and get paid for it one day. Yet for now I will just leave what I learned here or what I've found that I think would interest others as well. 

Thank you for being curious enough to see what I have to say about things that make us happy. Because options are like assholes, everyone's got one and this blog is mine. ;)

Ok now to the good stuff!

List of products:
1. [Full sized] Kiss, ever ez lashes - 03 (Came with glue and applicator)
2. [Full sized] Pixi beauty, bronzer - Subtly Suntouched
3. [Full sized] Nailtini - Caviar Cocktail
4. [Full sized] Be a Bombshell, lip crayon - Shameless
5. [Full sized] EM cosmetics, waterliner - Emerald
6. [Full sized] Starlooks, Gem eye pencil - Amethyst

Wow 6 full sized products for November that's redonkulous. Ipsy's reputation for being one of the best beauty subscriptions is undisputed. I used to compare them with Birchbox and let me tell you Ipsy always makes room for improvement while Birch just believes in their diehard fans. Which is ok, nothing wrong with it. I just need a better deal for my buck is all, cause well I am jobless for the moment. :/

Bag & Product photos:

My Ipsy November 2013 bag.

I am soooo happy they went with snake print this time, can't tell you how much I am a reptile print gal. The color is actually gold out of photo but I've notice that it changes with format or with different lighting. Needless to say I was blessed with an over abundance.

Product photos and reviews:

Kiss, ever ez lashes - 03

These were amazing lashes, they are light weight and on a clear band. The length is just enough to pass for a natural look. This was just crazy to receive because it's 2 pairs of false lashes with an applicator and glue. The glue was good, it did not irritate my eyes and did a decent job of staying on. Although it was clear glue that has a duo chrome hue which I thought was rather unusual for lash glue. But it dried clear and looked just fine after I lined it. If this doesn't get you to want to subscribe just wait.

Pixi beauty, bronzer - Subtly Suntouched

Now Pixi has some great stuff and for this bronzer I just loved the velvet finish of the case. Yet Ipsy kinda hit a miss with me on the color. When this could work for fair skin this just look like there was nothing on my face. The slight shimmer probably could be seen just the color was meh worthy. I do like a good bronzer, I just prefer to be able to see it and then blend it.

Nailtini - Caviar Cocktail

Now this wasn't the original color I was expecting to get, there was a copper-ish one. Yet I actually liked and worked with this shade better. The metallic dark gray color just popped in lights and complimented my skin tone rather well. The perfect transition color from fall to winter, in fact most metallic shades are best suited for this time. That won't stop me though from wearing this shade in the other seasons as well. This is the 3rd nailtini polish I've gotten over the year and this one I will keep for myself. (Not that I need anymore nail polish. Seriously I have a decent massive collection.)

Be a Bombshell, lip crayon - Shameless

Meh, is the word I've choose to describe this color. It's pretty sheer fuchsia color, can build up but the shimmer in it just turns me off. The formula is decent and might even be better then the Revlon lip crayons with out the minty smell. Shameless just didn't work for me at this moment, maybe later in a year I'll change my thoughts about it and heck this could work for you if you just love the color of the swatches. It just didn't get my goat.

EM cosmetics, waterliner - Emerald

Color predictable, but boy did this liner live up to the hype! Totally giggly that Michelle Phan decided to share her line with us this month and even more to come. I already have two of the lipsticks and just love love love them. The color always seems predictable since they know it's my favorite color. The formula is really exquisite, highly pigmented, easy to work with, and really is meant for that water line. I mean its semi-permanent once it drys, which means you need to be a little fast and precise. Has a built in sharpener and smudge tip as well.

Starlooks, Gem eye pencil - Amethyst

Did not expect to get two eyeliners in one bag, that is a first. They are different colors and brands which feels like a cop-out but a cop-out in my favor. I really wanted to try this shade to get me out of my purple shy. Shimmery enough to pass for a silver but purple undertone to give it a shy pop of color. This wasn't so water proof though, when I did try this with a primer it still creased. Though I think that was the primers fault. Pigmentation is fantastic and easy to work with.

So that is all she wrote, for last month's Ipsy bag, if you want me to review October let me know in the comments. Though personally I wasn't really that into what I got after I came home to see it. I will however show you my Halloween photo since it is a rather good Kabuki fox makeup look that Rose shock inspired me to do. The mouth is the same but I felt after the fact that I should have added more teeth. Contacts were from Pinkyparadise in Venus Bright red.

So whether your late in the game or ahead of the trend do it because it satisfies you.


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