Friday, November 8, 2013

Aztec gold in a pot of gold (Nail sticker mani)

Since prints are such a fashion find for any wardrobe, it is unfortunate that I have not mastered this fashion trend. So naturally I look to a nail art to get me comfortable with prints. I don't know what it is or if any other people have this problem with bold prints. Yet this gold Aztec nail sticker from Maybelline has given me the gumption to try it. Because it's still fall I think this mani would be great for the transition into winter with the combination of gold and black it's pretty edgy but classic.

Review on Maybelline nail fashion sticker - Aztec gold:
This was such a promising print and just very well done to fit my nails even if I cut one nail template in half. See I have pretty small nails and that's ok sometimes. Whats not ok are nail stickers that are HUGE and even if I tried to used it the print would just look terrible if I cut it to fit my nail size. Like sizing in clothes there is no universal size chart so they make excess in large sizes to accommodate what "Normal" sized people are. If I buy a top I have to get it taken in or not buy it at all, same with nail art stickers... I digress. Now what I didn't like about these nail art stickers in particular is that to make it semi reflective it was thick. The problem I had with them is that even when I filed them down around the edges and sealed them in with a top coat. They were too thick and lifted anyway around the edges. You will see what I mean in the photos.

How to achieve this nail mani:
So to prep your nail, start by wiping it with some nail polish remover and let it dry. If you wash your hands with water the nail will not completely dry and will often cause bubbling under the polish. Then add the base coat, get your nail stickers ready to the proper size. Cut to fit, then place them on, file off the excess and seal them in with a top coat. On the ring finger and the thumb use a gold nail polish. After it has dried use a tiny drop of top coat to where you want to put the nail gem. Add your gem then seal with a top coat. For this mani I had to add and extra top coat a few days after to try to decrease the sticker from lifting.

Product list:
1. Seche Vite, dry fast - base coat.
2. Maybelline fashion nail stickers - Aztec gold.
3. Elf nail varnish - Pot of gold.
4. Black medium sized nail gem.
4. Seche Vite, dry fast - top coat.

Product photo:

Photo of the mani:

Alright my darhlings, whether you're late in the game or ahead of the trend. Do it because it makes you happy.

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