Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A French Sparkle Storm Tokidoki Candy.

Yes more of the Tokidoki nail art sticker manies. I really like Tokidoki nail art stickers because they just seem so fitting for nail designs. So this is one of my Halloween nail manies I have in my line up to show you for the last few days of this month and the rest of the Fall holiday. There was the skull candy stickers that I thought would be a good with a black and white sparkle combo. So it's simple and just festive enough for those tricks and treats. Plus now that I don't work at the retail job, I can now go let my inner nail artist out without fear. NO FEAR! maybe a little hesitant on some designs. Here is the first design I want to show to you today.

Pretty much it's a very easy no fuss design. Always use a base coat, or use a top coat as a double for a base. I used to get yellow nail after some polishes and even staining, so prep. Then apply your polish color in the pattern you want. Add the sticker, then set the design with your top coat. If the sticker lifts you can use the tip of a tooth pick with a little top coat on it and adhere under the sticker to secure it.

Product List:
1. Seche Vite, dry fast - Base coat.
2. Zoya - Storm.
3. LA Splash - French sparkle.
4. Tokidoki nail art stickers - Skull candy.
5. Seche Vite, dry fast - Top coat.

Product photo:

Nail Photos:

So whether you're late in the game or ahead of the trend do it cause it makes you trendy as @$%&.

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