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Ipsy V.S Birchbox August2013 round four *FIGHT!*

Helloo my grand masters of the passion. Today is the last, yes the last V.S blog post. I will be moving to Portland for a while just a month in a half to network and visiting animation studios. Plus I discontinued my Birchbox subscription after this month. I felt by many reasons that I was losing more money then I was getting and we all have seen in past posts why this is. Of course I will still blog about Ipsy subscriptions as well as try new beauty subscriptions out there. But for now lets just end the massacre that is this final battle of the beauty subscriptions.

Our final fight is now here lets begin:

Here is our champion Ippsssy<3!!!

Ipsy just blows Birchbox's 10 buck sample box out of the water and even with the extra deals added I can't see how Birchbox just doesn't care to step it up. Ipsy just has the most protective subscribers too, I mean ladies, gee's calm yo tits. Just cause one person didn't agree with something in there bag is NO reason to attack them and tell them to get off to let someone else who shares the SAME opinions you do to step in. If you don't agree just say so and stop being such a bitch. That might be the only reason I find Ipsy lacking on their online site. Protecting their subscribers from their subscribers. I hardly see that on Birchbox, if someone doesn't like it I don't see some crazy lady going off at them.

List of Products:
1.) Deluxe sample sized - Pacifica, Alight multi-mineral BB cream.
2.) Travel sample sized - Michael Todd, Jojoba charcoal facial scrub.
3.) Sample sized - Pixi, Lash booster mascara.
4.) Full sized - MICA, eyeshadow in Bronze.
5.) Sample sized - Urban Decay, Revolution lipstick in Anarchy.

Pacifica, Alight multi-mineral BB cream.

This was a nice sample to try and the fact I get more then one use lets you learn more about it and how this product works. It is a sheer illuminizer with sun protection but again is sheer and even though helps keep your tone even doesn't cover the already there sun spots, acne scares, etc. It is lightly scented and it's alright. It's probably best to use a BB powder on top to make it look more like a natural glow. Best to use concealer as well. (Ipsy 1)

Michael Todd, Jojoba charcoal facial scrub.


The Michael Todd true organic line has always been in the back of my mind. Especially for the pumpkin mask which has been raved over and over about. I was hoping to get the mask in my bag and when I got this instead yeah, I admit I was disappointed. But the reviews on the Jojoba charcoal scrub were good on the Ipsy site so I went with it. I used this twice and finally just gave in to love, it is a nice light non abrasive cleansing scrub. The Ipsy site gave all the subscribers a 30% off code for the Michael Todd site, so if I want to just buy the pumpkin mask I can get it at a more affordable price. Because the full price item is just what keeps me at bay. (Ipsy 2)

Pixi, Lash booster mascara.

I keep having a love hate with the mascaras that come in the Ipsy bags. This was another miss in more ways then one. When I read about it, it seems like a dream. A waterproof lash boosting mascara that keeps curl and makes them look full. Um no, the wand stopper pops out and the applicator it's self isn't the type that I like to work with. Because it's really messy I got mascara on the lashes and skin even when I tried to lightly use it. (Ipsy 0)

MICA, eyeshadow in Bronze.


MICA's bronze eyeshadow was much to be desired for those who don't have 2 just like it in their beauty collections. This color just pops in the sun and is great for that summer to fall change. For me it came off to shimmery and for someone who always sticks to shimmer. This doesn't get me out of my comfort zone which I was looking for. After I swatched it, just wasn't impressed as I thought I'd be. Highly pigmented as most loose shadows are. Has a great multi-versatile use as a illuminating bronzer (When used with a serious light touch.) So for those who got this and loved it that's great, but for me not so much. (Ipsy 0)

Urban Decay, Revolution lipstick in Anarchy.

I wasn't but was expecting this to be in my bag this month, even though I was looking forward to the 69 color I am happy with Anarchy. I know some of you are saying "OH you're so lucky." Not really but thanks, everybody will eventually get this product in the up and coming bags. It's probably because I've been a subscriber for a while. I actually passed on these when they came out, and told myself I'll get to it when I am fully interested in them. But now that Ipsy has beat me to it, I applaud you Ipsy for the knock out. The bullet of this fuchsia lipstick is beautiful because it has this warm metallic shine to it. But when you look at it on your lips the shine doesn't come out. This was a cute bright color that just pops in light. Not only that it has really good lasting power. There was still a good amount left at the end of the day, after drinking and eating. The formula is so divine and doesn't dry out my lips like most 12 hour lipsticks do. (Ipsy 3)

The challenger the B-brawler of the box! Birchbox~!!!

Oh Birchbox, it was nice while it lasted for 5 months but enough was enough. After that melted lipstick and tiny samples it just didn't seem like this would last. I did like to try all the great products but when you realize you CAN'T afford most of it. Nope...just no. The website is probably the best part because of the exclusive products and limited edition things. The also give great storage space for little nicknacks afterwards. So I just decided to save my 10 dollars for things I do need. But I hope these posts helped other Beauty explorers get a little more info about the differences between the two. So lets end this.

List of products:
1.) Sample size - Dr.Jart+, premium BB cream spf 45.
2.) Deluxe sample size - MIYU beauty, de-stress mi beauty essence & tea.
3.) 2 sample sized - OC8, professional mattifying gel.
4.) Travel sample sized - Whish, exfoliating body wash.
5.) Sample sized - Whish, hair inhibiting deodorant swipes. 

Dr.Jart+, premium BB cream spf 45.

The Dr.Jart+ BB cream was a tiny cute squeeze bottle. Like all the other BB creams Birchbox gives me it never matches my skin tone. I did let it oxidize and it match a little bit better, yet it's not something I wanted to try or ever buy. It's got great coverage, and doesn't feel too heavy on. It did give me a 'looks like your wearing sunscreen face.' Maybe though it's something you'd like to try. (Birchbox 0)

MIYU beauty, de-stress mi beauty essence & tea.

I really liked this, even though it wasn't getting the best reviews on the site. The de-stress mi beauty mist is really light and refreshing. I didn't think so at first since the licorice and peppermint ingredients sound rather harsh. Yet it is so delicate and comforting a great item to have. The tea I haven't tried yet but it has sugar pearls and chamomile. The full price bottles are out of my price range for this though. This was quite enjoyable, my mom liked this too so I might just give it to her for the office. (Birchbox 1)

OC8, professional mattifying gel.

I was pretty happy there were two of these and not just one. Still yet I get more samples then this for free at Sephora. This mattifying gel though from OC8 is great, it's light weight and soaks up quick. I still get oily depending on the foundation or BB cream I use but not as crazy as before. It doesn't really last up to 8 hours on a hot day in Hawaii, but it does it's job. (Birchbox 2)

Whish, exfoliating body wash.

I haven't tried this yet, but I can't wait to. I've had a bamboo body scrub before and it was nice. I guess so nice that the guys used it up. Guys = (Boyfriend's house and roommates.) This is a great sized product too, and in a great budget range. With sugar cane and bamboo powder, it's a nice body scrub to buff off dead skin for a healthy glow. (Birchbox 3)

Whish, hair inhibiting deodorant swipes.

Umm, what you try'na say Brichbox? Hahahaa, but no really I always wanted to try these because there have been times I ran out the door without deodorant. Luckily I work in a perfume heavy half naked store. Did you guess yet? Yeah but I work in the back so the cologne doesn't hide me. As for the hair inhibitor at first I had to ask myself what does that mean? The description says it's a deodorant wipe that slows hair growth. That's like a two for one, multi purpose, and take it with you amazballs. I would probably shell the 16 bucks for this on the website. But I will hold on to this when I really NEED it. (Birchbox 4)

And with a surprise turn around the winner is Birchbox!!!

Go figure right? The month I stop on is the box that actually beats Ipsy. Birchbox snuck(sneak) by with 4 points where Ipsy just got 3. I have to admit I was thinking I may regret this. In all honesty the overall products I was getting from Birchbox with the amount I was giving just left me with a ripped of sense. This box does add up to me, since the MIYU and the Whish body scrub were good sized products to try. That Dr.Jart+ though was a WTF moment. Over all I am glad Birch got to with this one, they actually won the first month that I didn't blog about. But 2 out of 3 just seems like a red flag for my money spending. So congrats Birchbox, own it, cause you did put up a great fight.

Birchbox                                                                                        Ipsy

So whether you're late in the game or ahead of the trend do it because it makes you happy.

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