Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Lime Crime Lipstick collection

If you don't already know about Lime Crime, it is a cosmetic line founded by Doe Deere. A wonderful, colorful, whimsicle line that captures the imagination and tickles your inner child. I was introduced to this makeup line a few years ago when I came across a youtube video from Vintage or Tacky. Then it went to googling photos of the products to actually buying some. It didn't hurt that at the time I was playing a game called Robot Unicorn which just fueled my desire to have a lipstick that had a holographic unicorn on it. I felt like it was meant to be. But what I didn't expect was that my admiration of these products would grow to an obsession. Some how it went from I would like a pastel yellow lipstick one day, to I HAVE TO HAVE IT! WAHH!
I've now come to an agreement with myself to show you my private Lime Crime collection after buying the recent release of Geradium. Knowing that I will probably buy more colors as they come but also some I've been wanting. Also I seriously don't have the ego to carry some of these colors in public, even though they are absolutely beautiful. For my swatches I decided to add my face in so you can see how the color compliment or doesn't compliment my complexion. In the case you might share the same tone of color in your face.

Lime Crime Lipstick colors:
Chinchilla - Gray
Great Pink Planet - Pastel Pink
Geradium - Warm Pink
Coquette - Pastel Orange
New Yolk City - Pastel Yellow
My Beautiful Rocket - Dark Orange
Glamour 101 - Dark Red
Poisonberry - Plum purple
Serpentina - Dark Emerald Green

Swatches & Reviews:

Lime Crime: Chincilla
Chinchilla is a creamy light gray opaque lipstick that almost has a hint of lavender in it. It definitely is a statement lipstick. The Vanilla scent that all these lipstick have are similar to MAC lipsticks but what I like about Lime Crime ones are that they aren't as drying. Chinchilla is a cute name to make you think that they were inspired by, which would be the cute creature and it's sometimes often Gray coat. The application was like putting fresh lipstick cement on your lips. All you have to do is smooth it out and the coverage is absolute. This is a nice cool color but for me it felt like a warm gray instead.

Great Pink Planet
Lime Crime: Great Pink Planet
Great Pink Planet is a pastel barbie pink lipstick that is cool tone color. I've worn this out a couple times and I like it. When it's captured in flash it gives off that chalk like glow and reminds me a lot of Nicki Minaj. This is a very pigmented lipstick and it also can stain the lips. I noticed this with Lime crime Pinks and Reds, they do stain the lips after use. The application is the same as Chinchilla, and is best with a prepped lip. This bright peppy pink will definitely brighten your nights and your photos. Very moisturized but does tend to dry out over hours of wear.

Lime Crime: Geradium
Geradium is one of Lime Crime's new colors described as a radio active pink. I really like this shade a lot, one of my favorites because I don't own anything like it. A nice salmon like pink that just warms up the face. I seriously feel like these photos don't capture the true color of it. The application is a dream and easy to just put from bullet to lip. Like Great Pink Planet though over the hours my lips did get dry but not to the point I felt they would be chapped the next day. More of a summer shade for me I could see this pared nicely with a bronzed glow. (If you want to try similar color check out Covergirl's Temptress, its a slightly cooler version but very close.)

Lime Crime: Coquette
Coquette is a pastel orange that can pass for a nude lipstick. I don't really agree with this color but that's probably because I don't know how to use it. Just as moisturized as Chinchilla and Great Pink Planet. The application is fairly easy and its a total cool tone for sure. I find it unique because most nude tones I own steer clear of looking too orange where this does the balance well.

New Yolk City
Lime Crime: New Yolk City
New Yolk City is a bright warm pastel yellow. The name pretty much says it all for what the color of the lipstick looks like. The application process was a tricky one though since the lipstick does move around if you purse your lips. Have your lips prepped with a good scrubbing and primer. If you can use a nude lip liner to have the lipstick pop. This is a statement lipstick for sure and there is no color really identical or like it.

My Beautiful Rocket
Lime Crime: My Beautiful Rocket
My Beautiful Rocket is a lovely dark orange lipstick. One of the first 4 orange lipsticks I wanted while going through my orange phase. The moisture is great, pigmentation is flawless, and it's a warm touch to the face. I will go far to say that this is one of my top 5 orange lipsticks of choice. What made me interested in this shade was that it wasn't a frost or a shimmer it's a nice cream almost matte shade that looks great. The application process is fantastic.

Glamour 101
Lime Crime: Glamour 101
Glamour 101 is a dark fabulous red cream color. A very nice shade that isn't too bright and is just the right amount of cool tone for a seductive pout. The application process is easy as most Lime Crime lipsticks are. The moisture does seem to run out after a couple hours or so, doesn't really bother me as much though. This lipstick does stain the lips after use. Best use for a classy sensual blood shade that invokes the inner vixen.

Lime Crime: Poisonberry
Poisonberry one of their latest shades from Halloween 2012 I looovvee this purple color. The pigmentation is fantastic and the moisture is the always great Lime crime moisture. I didn't expect Lime crime to make frosted or shimmer lipsticks because they are known so well for cream colors. The application process was great and over all a nice cool dark purple shade. This does stain the lips greatly though so when you take it off don't be surprise you have a nice lip stain going on after.

Lime Crime: Serpentina
Serpentina ohhhh I couldn't have more of a love hate relationship with this lipstick. When I saw photos of this posted on Lime Crime's facebook before it's launch I was in love. Finally somebody that gets green lovers. Yet when I got it in the mail I wasn't to sure about it being the same lipstick. The application process was hard because it's a sensitive shade that loves to move, like a snake. The shimmer doesn't really catch light as it does in there studio photos. But none the less I love saying I have a green shade of lipstick. It's dark cold and looks dangerous. The moisture does run out after a while, and doesn't stain the lips bad. A great dark statement to Emerald color of the year. What you can do is dab some O'Loreal infallible eye shadow in Golden Emerald on the center of lips to give it that extra pop.

So that's it for this review hope you like it and I am sorry I've been lacking on my beauty blog. I am swamped with life and recently got hit with some bad luck. I actually wanted to show you my Zoya Haul because I was able to get the Zoya Zang Toi winter/fall 2013 set with my 3 free Valentines day colors. Unfortunately the day after receiving it in the mail we had our house robbed and they stole it probably thinking it was expensive jewelry cause it was still in its box. I guess they were half right because they are Jewel tones colors LOL. Wish you the best and just know whether your late in the game or ahead of the trend do it cause it makes you happy.

Take care lovelies, Val


  1. sori to hear about your bad luck :( on a lighter note, thanks for the great pics i can see which ones are wearable. loove the orange toned ones on you, so beautiful!

    1. Thank you Jackie! I'm glad I could help.

  2. Glamour 101 is definitely your color! It looks amazing on you! :)
    Poisonberry looks good too

  3. thanks for the swatch and review! very detail ;-)