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Nail Polish Dupes (Fraternal or Identical)

Nail Polish Dupes are a wide known phenomena where two different companies make the shame shade of Nail Polish (or any other type of Cosmetics). This can happen when seasonal trends have a successful launch of a certain color or top coat. So to keep up with demand companies make it permanent or their own take on the shade. Sometimes they are spot on, others can be fairly disappointing.
Dupes can be copies of an object or color. Then their are the copies that aren't exact. I like to split the dupes into two categories. Fraternal dubes: Same family of color but are clearly different because of certain attributes. Identical dubes: Same family of colors and are exactly similar to one another.
I personally try not to buy dupes just to be cost efficient. But sometimes it can't be helped when they discontinue a shade or it's limited edition. Here is a list of the dupes I have and would like to show to you. To help you make a decision on what shade is best for your personal taste as well as the taste for your wallet.
On a different topic: I was going to and did make a video for this post on Youtube. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to edit it. Since I didn't want to wait to long until I actually uploaded it because some of these polishes are limited edition.

List of Products:

1. Opi - Rainbow connection
2. Claire's - Bedazzled
3. Tony moly - GS08 (Milky way)
4. Revlon - Whimsical
5. Tokidoki - Sandy
6. Nicole by opi - A gold winter's night
7. Nubar - 2012
8. Essie - Shine of the times
9. Nicole by opi - Kim pletely in love
10. Essie - Pink a boo
11. Opi - Significant other color
12. Zoya - Adina
13. Deborah lippmann - Sugar daddy
14. Maybelline - Pink cosmo

Swatches & Photos:

Rainbow Glitter Polishes:
Rainbow Glitters are a pain to take off but are also very popular. With new nail polish brands making similar shades it can be hard to choose what shade is right for you. Unless you don't care and they all look the same to you. As for me, I prefer my rainbow glitters to have a dominate glitter color like orange.
Opi's Rainbow connection has more silver glitters and the orange glitter was more to my liking since it blends so well with the sliver. The light blue glitter in this shade his easier on the eyes. Claire's Bedazzled has more of a dominance in blue and green glitters and the blue is darker not by a lot but it makes the Glitter seem cooler. It's also cheaper then the OPI shade which is also a limited edition color.
These polishes are fraternal dupes.
Pointer has two coats the Middle has one, the Ring has two coast the Pinky has one.

Yogurt Glitter Nail Polish:
This is a cute idea to use glitter in a polish using sheer shades.When Deborah Lippmann made their Glitter in the Air nail polish it spread on really quick. Soon after Revlon came out with a shade but for a few of us we were aware of this through the Korean Cosmetic lines. That's how I found out.
Revlon's Whimsical is a more aqua base and hold a lot more glitter. The application process is easier too the only problem I had is that the polish bubbles. Tony Moly's Milky Way didn't bubble on me but it was a lot harder to get the glitter to come out nicely on.
They both look different in the bottle but on the nail they look identical dupes.
Pointer has two coats the Middle has one, the Ring has two coast the Pinky has one.

Gold bar Glitter Nail polish:
This is one of my favorite bar nail polish glitter. It had just come out on the Tokidoki cosmetic line then went on sale soon after wards. Sephora was making room for new lines and also brought back Estee Lauder.
Tokidoki's Sandy was a must have shade the moment I met it. I was like "Latte? no SANDY" Remember being a sucker for gold shimmer. But it's so much more then that. It also has blue bar glitter as well and the small glitters that make up the back color is a pretty pinkish/lavender color with a clear base. Nicole's A gold winter's night is just as amazing because it's just identical.
These polishes are definitely identical dupes and if you missed Tokidoki sale hit up the new Kardashian's 2012 holiday collection. 
Pointer has two coats the Middle has one, the Ring has two coast the Pinky has one.

Fleck Glitter Nail Polish:
When Sally Hansen made Hidden Treasure they had something great in their hands. Though it was a limited edition nail polish that they never made permanent it made a demand that was heard by other companies.
Nubar's 2010 was a nice dupe for the color and I grabbed it right away, I'm not sure if it's limited edition because I bought it of e-bay. The glitter flecks are just pure fiery beauty.Essie came out with their version for the luxeffects in Shine of the times. They both are just great shades to wear on it's own or over a regular shade.
These two are identical dupes.

Pink with Blue duo chrome glitter:
When Nicole by opi came out with the Kardashian line Kim-peletly in love was a hit. It took me a while to find one and then when I did found out they became permanent. Which is fabulous. Then Essie continued to put out two more simular shade from their seasonal collections the most recent one being the Breast Cancer awareness line in Good morning hope.
Nicole's Kim-peletly in love is a peachy pink sheer varnish that has duo chrome blue-purple glitter in it. Sometimes the glitter sinks to the bottom but with a few twirls it's fine. Essie's Pink a boo came from the Resort 2012 collection. The varnish base is a baby pink with a lot of duo chrome glitters.
These polishes are fraternal dupes, because they are different glitter contents and the shades in the bottle are different.

Pointer has two coats the Middle has one, the Ring has two coast the Pinky has one.

Purple & Green duo chromes:
When I first got the Zoya fever I looked at all the shades that were highly raved about. Then I see this Duo chrome purple base green sheen color, that I've never had before.
Zoya's Adina: Is a nice dark purple duo chrome with a green sheen to it. It is sheer for a the first coat but you an reach full opacity with just two. With this shade it definitely shows the duo chrome on the nail.
Opi's Significant other color: A lighter version of the Adina, it's pretty sheer for the first coat but with about two-three more it reaches full opacity.
These two are fraternal dupes, Adina is darker and much more luminous then SOC which is pretty sheer wash of color.
Pointer has two coats the Middle has one, the Ring has two coast the Pinky has one.

Gold & Pink/lavender duo chromes:
This duo chrome is fun and flirty for me, Because out of all the beetle shell shades out there this seems to be the softest for me. With a Gold base and a pink/lavender duo chrome.
Deborah Lippmann's Sugar Daddy: When they came out with their own version of duo chromes it was amazing but since I had simular shades to them I only got one that stood out to me. The gold base for this varnish is a little stronger then the Maybelline's. It also captures light so much better to show off that duo chrome.
Maybelline's Pink Cosmo: Seems more of a muted version of the Sugar Daddy. The gold base is a little washed out like painted gold jewelry. The duo chrome is more dominate.
These two shades are fraternal twins. They are off shades of each other. One is more vibrant than the other.

Pointer has two coats the Middle has one, the Ring has two coast the Pinky has one.

Beetle duo chromes:
Pointer has two coats the Middle has one, the Ring has two coast the Pinky has one.
I really love these types of nail polish because if you are a fan of the National Geographic Beetle photos the colors of their shells are just beautiful.
Chanel's Peridot: Came out in a limited edition last year and I absolutely wanted it. It cost more then I really desire to pay for a nail polish but, that's why I got it. It has this really beautiful Green/teal base with a gold shimmer.
Opi's Just spotted the lizzard: Was released recently for the spider man line. At first I didn't think it could compare to Peridot. But I felt like having a back up. Then when I swatched them I was mortified and happy at the same time. Because not only did I over spend but they were Identical.
These two polishes are identical dupes.

I hope this helps you out in your purchases and even to inform you that even if a shade is discontinued or limited edition you can hold on to the hope that another brand will pass the torch.

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