Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Strawberry Kisses Nail Art

Strawberry Kisses Nail Art:

Today I have for you some Nail Art I've done. This was rather easy to do and just a nice ode to the passing Summer. So with out any more delays.

List of products:
1. Sally Hansen - Complete treatment continuous treatment growth nail polish (Base coat)
2. Sally Hansen Diamond strength nail Polish - Diamonds
3. Craft Store Stickers - little Strawberries
4. Martha Steward Craft beads
5. Nail Art Jems 
6. Sally Hansen - Triple strong advanced gel nail fortifier (Top coat)

Hope you enjoyed this Nail Art. It's rather simple to do so I felt that I didn't need to put directions on how to accomplish this. If you like this subscribe for more updates.



  1. Loveee u nails ;) im going to follow you i found u in ipsy hope u follow me back

    1. Thank you! I most certainly will<3