Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tokidoki (Stellina) .*+Glit*tar*ri+*.

Story: Tokidoki (Stellina) .*+Glit*tar*ri+*.

I know it's been a while since I posted anything. This is because I've been job hunting for a job that allows makeup and all color nail polish. But so far it's pretty tough here in Hawaii. So on the weekends I got ape $h!t. Since Sephora is discontinuing the tokidoki brand I've been utilizing the sale they are having. So I got a lot of things and I will hopefully be able to get all the photos and edit the video in time before they end the sale completely. For this entry I wanted to do a .+*Glit*tar*ri+*. nail using tokidoki's Stellina. So here we are.

List of products:
1. Sally Hansen - Complete treatment continuous treatment growth nail polish (Base coat)
2. Butter London - Primrose Hill Picnic
3. Tokidoki - Stellina
4. Sally Hansen - Complete Care 4-in-1 treatment (Top coat)

*Before I start I wanted to mention that out of all the top coats I've used I love the Triple strong advanced gel for glitter polishes because it evens out the texture a lot better then most. Plus it's very strong a durable.  
* I used Primrose Hill Picnic as the color base for the Stellina because the Glitter has a clear base.
* Only put Stellina on my Thumb, Ring, and Pinky.

The Polishes:
L-R: Tokidoki - Stellina, Butter London - Primrose Hill Picnic

 Light Swatches:
Tokidoki's Stellina and base color coat Butter London's Primrose Hill Picnic.

 Glitter Swatch: Sorry it's a little unfocused - was in a rush and couldn't stop moving.

 So whether you're late in the game or a head of the trend do it because it makes you happy.


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