Monday, August 27, 2012

A Tokidoki Haul/Review

Yay it's here! So this is my Haul/Review on the Tokidoki cosmetic line. Grab yours before they sell out completely. I had a very nice time seeing the sale grow bigger and items run out. From the original sale at 40% to a nice 60% off on all products. Grabbed a bunch of palettes for gifts and even got to try a good brand on a fabulous deal. I collected a few more products though after I did this haul too, of the colors I wanted to try. There were surprises and disappointments. Overall I's just glad I was able to grab this amazing sale. Hopefully you can too on the Sephora website (Just type Tokidoki or Sale) and check it out in your local store. So without further excitement.

List of Products from Tokidoki cosmetics:

Eyeshadows -
1. Romeo
2. Skeletrina
3. Bastardino
4. Savana
5. Love from London Palette

Gelato Lip Balm Satin -
1. Carina
2. Mozzarella
3. Donutella

Prisma Lip Gloss -
1. Devil Girl

Nail Polish -
1. Stellina
2. Sandy
3. Latte


These were the single shadow packs that I bought.

Romeo: A nice wine brown color with a light shimmer. Now at $6.00. I love how on the shadow lable they show you the character it is named after. A cute love letter caring sparrow.

Skeletrina: A wonderful colbalt blue shadow with a very little shimmer, almost making it a matte shade. It just sparks some inspiration. Named after a Bluish purple lady kitty with Tokidoki's version of a Louis Vuitton printed design on her.

Bastardino: Oh I've been wanting this shade for a while. A forest green with gold glitter specks in it. My personal kryptonite. Named after a Cactus dog with an cute under bite that reminds me of our first dog Max.

Savana: A bright light gold shimmery glittery shade. I really love the color payoff for this shade. Looks like a foil liquid gold on the lids. Named after a fashionista lioness with blue hair.

Love from London Palette:

The Love from London Palette was a complete surprise for me. I originally bought one online. To use for the Berwick Street shade, dark brown shadow with small blue and purple glitter in it. I eventually ended up falling in love with all of them. Even the blush Parliament Square. Sadly that palette I had depot-ted them to put in my unii Palette that somehow when kicked around the shadows broke apart. So I had to go buy a new one. :(

This Palette is wonderful. They are quite unique, and best used with a base or a primer. Because they can be chalky.

Sloane Square: A cute matte light baby pink, mostly for a highlight shade it is great with warm colors. It is a little hard to pick up and you can build it up.

King's Road: A nice sliver glittery tan color that catches light very well. For a simple everyday look use this color with liner.

Berwick Street: Was the shade that made me talk myself into buying it. A dark red brown with purple and blue glitter in it. When you first dive into it you hardly get any of the glitter but the more you used it the easier it is to work with.

Savile Row: A shimmery bronze that give off a great sensual warmth. Very pigmented not chalky at all and even great on it's own.

Parliament Square: At first sight this blush doesn't seem at all interesting. But after swatching it on and trying it out, soo flattering!  Ravishing coral rose with a gold shimmer.

Baker Street: A matte beige highlight, it is as chalky as Sloane Square and sometimes this shade in a sheer swipe matches my skin too much. This is a great shade to highlight your inner corners.

Park Lane: A pastel yellow shade. I love using this shade as a highlight or a base color for the lid. Although it can look washed out while in sunlight or flash.

The Strand: A light silvery blue a cute flash of color, and just a cute light blue that can be used as a single shade and a brown liner.

Carnaby Street: First sight this blue didn't really pop out to me, crazy right? It is chalky like the others but can be build-ed to a great pastel version of a jet blue color.


L-R: Carina, Mozzarella, Dountella, and Devil Girl.

I gotta say the Lip balms weren't really that great when I first tried them, I felt they were over priced because it's just a sticker design on a case. So the design would sometimes get scratched off in my bag. That and the product wasn't as good as other tinted balms that were cheaper. Originally they were 9 bucks a pop! Now a whoaping 3 dollars. Do I feel cheated or what. But the Gloss was the best! The design the product and the application. Totally divine love for the lips.

Carina: A cute fuchsia tinted glossy balm. Sweet smelling and tasting. It also taste like wax. This tint is stronger then the other two.

Mozzarella: A light glossy red tint. Has a different smell to it almost like a cherry flower. Has the same light sweet taste to it also including the wax.

Donutella: A orange red tint with a glossy finish. Smells the same as Carina. Not really my favorite out of the bunch bust nice natural tinting.

Devil Girl: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this gloss. Even though I hardly wear gloss. The color is a nice sheer glossy red. Literally looks like water on the lips. The smell is amazing! Like candy and the applicator is unreal. It is just a plastic prong that smooths the gloss on like butter.


Nail Polish:

Stellina: One of my favorite glitter polishes out of the line. Has a clear base with little Purple glitters and bigger glitter in fuchsia or pink. Opacity was accomplished after three coats.

Sandy: An adorable gold and purple  little glitter has slim glitter in gold and blue. With a clear base. This was two coats. I like this color because it's not to thick and can pretty much be matched with a lot of colors.

Latte: A blue small glitter with slim glitter in purple and gold. This glitter polish is great and not as dark as it looks in the bottle.

Val - Beauty is in anything you put your mind's eye too. Even dirt, if it inspires you to see roses it's worth digging.

Hope you enjoyed this Review/Haul, if you have any questions put it in the comment box below.


  1. How did you depot your Love from London palette? I'm trying to depot mine and don't even know where to start. Help please!!

    1. What I did was use a tear dropper to dispense rubbing alcohol between the space between the cardboard and the metal pan. If there is no space I suggest using a box cutter or an exacto knife and creating a slight opening to the bottom of the pan. The thing is, there really is no way to get these shadows out with ease on a cardboard palette. The trick is to use a lot of the alcohol to break down the glue that is holding the pan to the palette. Try not to pour alcohol on top of the pan because I found that there might be air bubbles trapped in the shadow and cause the shadow to break as you are using the exacto knife to wiggle it out. What I found best to do is soak the cardboard in alcohol so that it's much easier to get the pan out. Then rub the glue off the pan with a cotton swab. I personally wouldn't want to do this again because the Unii palette didn't really protect these shadows as I thought it would, but you can fix a broken shadow easy.