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A ME day (Mineral Essence Haul/Review)

A ME day - Mineral Essence Haul/Review:

Now I can honestly say I have never really owned a mineral anything for cosmetics. In fact I wasn't even sure I ever wanted to try. I've always thought mineral foundation/shadows/ just cosmetics in general were dully colored and or boring. I felt that if it was good for you it must taste (look) yucky - It's a childish concept I KNOW. Haha but if your not familiar with it, it can be hard to muster up the courage to try something. I was on the prowl as usual looking for a wine colored eye shadow, see I saw Tokidoki's Romeo and wanted that shadow soooo bad but just didn't want to pay 15 bucks for a pretty case and only just one color. Walking into Sears just to look around at the sales I see this sale going on in the ME cosmetic stance. Online they are $16.00 + shipping shadows doesn't muster enough courage to buy. But in Sears, they went from $16.00 to $8.50. Now I've always over looked this because it said MINERAL COSMETICS.I figured to swatch a few of their eye shadows to see if any of them were worth getting. I did a few on my hand and my eyes went  O,O >Boing! One of the colors looked like a dupe for MAC's - Old Gold. I kept going with the swatches and ended up buying six of the shimmer shadows and two of the lipsticks. I am not a make-up artist, but I would like to be some day, please forgive my minor concussion to Mineral Cosmetics.

Here are my swatches and further reviews....

List of Products:
me Shimmer eye shadows in ($16.00 online - $8.50 sears sale)
White Zin
Fiji Blue
Jamaican Sunrise
Hawaiian Mai Tai

me Liner eye shadows in  ( $12.00 online - $6.50 sears sale)
Deep Space

me Sheer lipsticks in ($16.00 online - $8.50
Peach Fizz
Popsicle Kiss

Eye shadow swatches:

Deep Space: Deep space was a random buy I'll admit, but I never owned a semi matte black shadow for liner purposes only. These are loose pigments so expect some mess involved. This black lightly shimmered shadow just looks like charcoal that is nice charcoal.

Merlot: Is a cool purple shade that has a sliver-ish simmer to it, It's a nice dark wine color unfortunately I was looking for a wine color more on the warmer side. But this is just stunning! Could you imagine the nice smokey eye with this wine? I'd call it the sultry wine goggles look.

White Zin: I loved this only because it was a pink shadow with gold shimmer, and you know I have a weakness for gold shimmer colors.  After swatching it over and over in the store I had to get it. It's a nice warm golden shimmer color that pops cutie. I love how I have a Merlot & a White Zin, oh how my eye were getting drunk on these colors.

Fiji Blue: I had actually fought on myself for getting this color because I felt I already had a shadow like this. A gray-ish blue hue underneath with a mix of gold/olive shimmer. I couldn't resist after a while because the color felt like it came in a set for the last two colors after this.

Jamaican Sunrise: When I saw this my heart did a flip and my mind did a WTF? I had recently bought a MAC loose pigment in Old gold and yet here for half off was a semi dupe for it. (Kicking myself). This lightly bronzed gold with a green shimmer was a complete stunner for me. I fell in love with Old gold and right here is it's younger version New gold. It was Jamaican me in love. (Corny blah blah.)

Hawaiian Mai Tai: Lastly was the first shadow I bought this one. I put this last because I knew I would just gush about it sooooo much<3 I love this shadow, it is almost another dupe for a MAC pigment I just can't remember what the name was. Mai Tai is just a pretty orange color with a pink shimmer. I don't own anything like this soo it was a definite must have for me. This warm orange color is perfect for summer hues and the shimmer just makes it feel like a vacation on your eyes.

Lipstick swatches:

Peach Fizz:
It was a great color I'll admit, but I felt bad getting it only because I have so many just like it. More of a light mixture of a sheer cream with shimmer it is an everyday color you could wear anywhere. Smooth application all the way, but is smell throws me off a little. Almost like I'm putting sunscreen or mud on my lips. It's not flavored so like a all natural lipstick made of all natural ingredients.

Popsicle Kiss:
I love this color, it's exactly what it is called. This summer for me is about the sheer tint lip colors. I use this more then the Peach fizz because I can do the popsicle lips a lot better with this lipstick. I just put in on the center of my lips to make it look like I've been eating a Popsicle. Even though I sometime wish that was the case. If your into the Asian trend of making your lips look like the popsicle kiss this is the lipstick for you. Same scent though, but a nice smooth application.

You can see here that MAC's Old Gold is darker than ME's Jamacian Sunrise.
(Not an exact Dupe: Swatch on the Left is ME - Jamacian Sunrise Right is MAC - Old Gold)

So whether your late in the game or ahead of the trend do it because it makes you happy. - Val

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