Monday, June 25, 2012

A L'Oreal's 2012 Summer (New 24 hour infallible eyeshadow)

Story: L'Oreal Summer of 2012

Lucky me to be in the right place at the right time. There I was at Walgreens hoping to catch the last L'oreal Summer Golden line and here I find even newer 24 infallible eyeshadow. So naturally I bought all the colors at once, it was in my budget for cosmetics plus Walgreens was having a sale on L'oreal products buy 1 get 1 1/2off.  Sadly here in Hawaii sometimes once it's gone... it never comes back, unless you shop e-bay. Even soo, I have to accept that I will never have a Pink Sapphire (The 24 hour shadow kind). But I don't think I could learn to accept the lost of these delights. These are rather interesting and couldn't come at a better time. So here are swatches and reviews.

List of Products:

L'Oreal 24HR infallible eye shadows in...

- Bottomless Java
- Liquid Diamond
- Smoldering Plum
- Glistening Garnet
- Endless Sea
- Golden Emerald

L'Oreal 24 hour infallible eye shadows of Summer 2012:
T-B L-R: Bottomless Java, Liquid Diamond, Smoldering Plum, Glistening Garnet, Endless Sea, & Golden Emerald.

Liquid Diamond: A very nice light sliver base with some glitter like flecks. I always loved sliver shadows and it's nice in a while to go back to what makes you comfortable. That being said if you already have a nice silver shadow like this one there is no point to invest.

Bottomless Java: Oh I really love this one, it's the perfect brown for lining the eyes. It's a warm java bean base with a fascinating golden shine that makes it look like a chocolate orange color. I am so glad about this one it's nothing that I have ever owned before. The photos just don't do it justice.

Smoldering Plum: What are the odds to look for a plum shadow and then suddenly poof, it appears right in front of you. Not high I'll tell yea. A dark plum purple with a violet pink shimmer. I can't wait for the fall to come around with this smoldering smokey eye.

Glistening Garnet: This color is rather interesting, because I would think that this could be a close call to Urban Decay's Woodstock but a L'Oreal touch to it. For this magenta color comes alive when the light touches it, it just springs to life.

Endless Sea: Hmm I kinda wasn't expecting something that looks like a aqua version of teal. Since most of the 24 hour shadows are rather dark or too light. This shadow definitely can surprise you, no matter what light it's in it just seems to pop. I'm interested to see what looks come out with this shade.

Golden Emerald: Yay Emeralds! I was hoping they would make a nice green gold shadow glad they named it Golden emerald - Cuz it is. Darker then Golden sage it has a much more contrast to the golden shimmer making it just complement the entire shadow. This is a color I would enjoy seeing everyday not because green is a favorite color but because it would even be perfect for Christmas season.


So whether your late in the game or a head of the trend do it because it make you happy - Val

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