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Holy! Tony Moly - Haul/Review

The Story: Tony Moly Haul/Review

Ok short story TonyMoly is a Korean based Cosmetic line from skin care, to make up, to nails. Did I mention the cutest designs for their products? Well if not, let me tell you they are adorable. I remember looking for other dupes for the Deborah Lippmann's glitter in the air. Now most of us know by now that you can grab a dupe for this color from Revlon's nail polish Whimsical. But there are at least two more products that match this nail polish. One of them is the TonyMoly nail polish GS08 Milky way. There is one more company that makes this type of nail polish but I didn't want to buy it and have three different dupes for just one nail polish (Innisfree Color #84). But there were other colors I bought for a future post for milky glitters with bases. Any way getting off topic, not only did I get nail polish but these soo cute lip balms with rabbit covers. I wanted to collect them all, after testing these colors I decided not to I'll tell you why later. Also got a BB cream that I find I use almost every day. So here is the Haul/Review with Pikchas!

List of Products:
1) Dear me BB cream
2)Petite Bunny Gloss bar #3 apple,5 peach, & 6 orange (There are 9 to choose from)
3) Nail polish Star line GS08 Milky way, 09 Shooting star,10 Pinky star.

 (I'm making the pictures big so you can see the products better.)
Products L-R: Dear Me BB cream w/30spf, Petite Bunny gloss bar, Star nailpolish

TONYMOLY Dear me BB cream:
Dear me BB cream

The TonyMoly Dear me BB cream: One of the best BB creams I've been trying out this year. It has 30SPF with whitening, skin tone evening, and sun protection. You can see that it also brightens and whitens the skin a little when you put it on, be in mind that this is not settled with powder. Usually when I do it helps it blend into my skin better. I like it, I use it almost everyday. Not enough to see a dramatic change in my skin, though knowing that it has 30SPF does keep me relaxed. Cause girl I got some acne scars I don't want getting any darker. So I would recommended this product.

 TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Gloss Bars:
Petite Bunny Gloss Bar: #5 Happy Peach, #6 Mad Orange, #3 Wink Apple

Petite Bunny Gloss Bar #5: This Gloss bar is a peach scented + light tinted color. It gives a muted glossy glow and even tones your lips while hydrating them. Now I was hoping it was a great lip moisturizer like the one from Dermstore lip quencher but frankly it's not. It lost it's fuel at least in two hours and the color as well. But maybe because I bite my lips when in deep thought or work. This cover smiles :)
(Other colors include: Strawberry, Grape, Apple, Cherry, Peach, Orange, Neon Orange, Neon Red, and Neon Yellow.)

Petite Bunny Gloss Bar #6: This Gloss bar is a orange scented + tinted color. I really liked this one because it reminded me about Revlon's Butters in Tutti Frutti but with less color. I like how it's not a lipstick but a balm. It still ran out on the conditioning during the rough day. I like how it's a nice touch of orange you can barely see but know it's there. This cover is mad >:(

Petite Bunny Gloss bar #3: This Gloss bar is a apple scented + tinted color. I LOVE the apple smell lately. I have no idea why but I do, so I was happy to buy this. One of the darkest shades you could order out of the 9 shades/scents you can choose from. I really like this one because it leaves a more red-ish tint. I also like how the cover winks at me. ;(

TONYMOLY Star Nail polish GS08, GS09, &GS10:

Tony moly's GS08 Milky way:
This is the color I thought could be another dupe of the Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the air & Revlons Whimsicle. It has a nice yogurt like polish with Pink, Blue, and little Sliver glitters in it. I do like this more then the Revlon one because I always seem to get bubbles in it. But with this polish none. It does have a chemical smell.

Tony moly's GS09 Shooting star:
I really like this glitter polish, because the polish is a nice lavender yogurt with rainbow glitters. This is definitely something I have never owned or tired before and is a complete delight. It's different from Deborah Lippmann's Candy shop. It does have Light blue, Green, Yellow, Sliver, and Red glitters. I would say this is a must have! And yes it does have a chemical smell to it. But once it's dries it's gone.

 Tony moly's GS10 Pinky star:
I love this color so much! The pink yogurt with the Red, Yellow, Pink and small sliver glitters are sooo pretty. I really like this one out of all three of them. Just because it's so warm and it looks just absolutely delicious. I would say this is a must see,try, and have. Same chemical smell but once it's dry it's all glitters.

(I will show all my Yogurt cream glitters in one post with base coats sometime. So stay tuned.)

So whether your late in the game or ahead of the trend, do it cause it makes you happy.


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