Tuesday, March 27, 2012

L'OREAL color riche nail polish review

Loreal color riche nail polish review:

When these came out, I was honestly apprehensive about them. Then one day on Valentines looking through my nail polish drawer I realized $h!t I don't have a light shimmer pink nail polish anymore. I threw it away because it died. Yes ladies nail polish doesn't last forever unless you take care of it. (1. Keep them standing up, 2. Keep them out of the sun or light, 3. Keep them away from heat.) Now while at Sears I saw this really cute shade of pink. I'm not a big fan of pinks but this one did catch my eye. Plus the name did help a little. It was I Pink I'm in Love, and I thought what a great color for Valentines day. SO I tried it and yes, I did fall in love. After I got a few more shades and decided to share them with you.

List of Products:

Club Prive
Jet set to Paris
Now you sea me
Paparazzi pleaser
Charmed I'm sure
Tangerine crush
He red my mind
Caught red-handed
I pink I'm in Love
Because your worth it

Here are the colors in a line.

Club Prive: I adore this color a lot. I didn't really think about getting this right away but when I paired it with Because your worth it, a light blub went off in my head for the perfect miss matched mani. But stand alone this color is a nice pastel green blue mint color. Opacity can be reached in one - two applications. A cream color no shimmer or glitter in it. One might call this the "Tiffany's blue nail color." They might be right.

Jet set to Paris: This is a very nice color. Not a very bright blue nor dark blue. This really doesn't remind me of Jets unless I really think of the color of them back when they were blue. On the other hand not thinking of the name but the color and consistency of the polish. It took me two coats to real full opacity, you can do it in one if your talented. It's creamy with no shimmer or glitter (Yet n_n ).

Now you sea me: This was another color I really liked and even did a miss matched mani after swatching this. Darker then Club Prive more of a blue to me than green. It's just a really pretty calm flattering color. It is the one in the advertisement with Milla Jovovich but it doesn't look at all like it. This is a cream polish with one - two applications to reach opacity.

Paparazzi pleaser: A dark creamy purple shade, I was hoping would work on me and I was right. Then I took a flash of it and loved it. I guess that's why they call it Paparazzi pleaser, it's flash friendly. With no simmer or glitter this cream polish can reach opacity in one - two coats.

Charmed I'm sure: Charming? I guess, it's a very frosty copper polish, I bought this because it looks very familiar to my NYX chestnut polish which I retired. But I don't think it matches it to a T. Very nice and shimmery in the flash it looks kinda washed out in indoor daylight. Might be a little to light for me. A woman's miss is another woman's hit. So hey if it didn't work for me it could work for you. Opacity in one - two coats but can be streaky if you don't buff your nails.

Tangerine crush: I didn't really like this color. I thought it was great, it is, just not on me. This tangerine orange felt more like a coral color. Maybe it's just me, but I wasn't really happy with the out come of this shade on me. Opacity can be reached at one - two coats. Not a shimmer or a glitter polish just a cream color.

He red my mind: Yes, he did and it said nice lusty red nail polish. A shimmer polish that has a cool tone red but warm shimmer. I know it seem like a contradiction but when you look at the bottle you see a warm shimmer but the red it's self is cool. Opacity can be reached at one - two coats. I like this color almost more then my other red shimmers. Almost.

Caught red-handed: I love this color, it definitely is a nice cream warm red I've been looking to replace my NYX snowwhite polish. This works just fine. Very bright cute red that has a cute tomato cream shine to it. It's not a shimmer or a glitter (obviously). Just absolutely cheeky! You might need three coats but two work just fine because it can be sheer.

I pink I'm in love: YES! I AM tee hee. This cute flirty pink was just what I needed on Valentine's day, and more. It's a frosty pink that is perfect! I mean that it's still pink, it's not over powered by the frost at all. Application was nice two coats to reach opacity not much streaking problems with this one. This was a great find. Just so adorable.

Because your worth it: Yes I am, thank you L'oreal. Seriously though This Gold frost was like Charming I'm sure but with a different hue. The frost over takes the golden color but not so much where I dislike it. I would just rock this color during the holidays but other then that I haven't really felt how else I could use this color. This color is a sparkle shimmer and can reach opacity with one - two coats.

I will post the other polishes I got in my haul on a separate post because they are dupes for Deborah lippmann nail polishes.

Whether your late in the game or ahead of the trend, do it because it makes you happy.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Macaroni Grill DIY

Story: Yummy yummy I got Love in my tummy.

Ok so this isn't really a beauty item review, but a happy tummy makes a happy attitude and a happy attitude makes a person seem attractive/interesting. I know a lot of people who cook or know how to cook consider cooking from a box not cooking. Well I'm a student and how I learn to cook is from a box and some damn good instructions. I wanted to learn how to cook Lasagna but was told by a few people I should do it from scratch. Uh I don't have the time to do it from scratch and if it's something I'm not familiar with I know I just might screw it up. Like the gingerbread fiasco (miss read the measurements and ultimately made syrup gingerbread cookies). Walking through Longs (CVS) I saw they had these Macaroni Grill DIY boxes on sale. I have done one of these meals before with the chicken Alfredo and substituted the chicken with clam :9 salty goodness. Really salty though shouldn't have included the water from the can in it. So I thought this would be a great way to learn how to make it. So here is the story...

The Macaroni Grill boxed meals come with a few of the ingredients you will be using mostly the important things like the Restaurant's sauce, pasta, and any additional seasoning. They also have a veggie version in the back in case you want to substitute the meat. I pared this with a nice Volcano Winery Red wine.

On the top of the box in the back it tells you what you will need to get from the store, in this case I totally missed the Mozzarella cheese and while in mid cooking had to turn off the burner and run to the store to get it. By then the meat was marinated but still good to use.

The instructions are pretty simple, I ran out of meat sauce near the 3rd layer so I had to improvise with some Ragu. I also ran out of cheese, I got to happy on the ricotta sauce about half way through. -_-; Well it was a learning process after all.

This is how it came out.
Looked great smelled great and ultimate was a four layered Lasagna with meaty cheesy sauce. It came out of the oven looking like sunshine.

Yes that is a Storm Trooper spatula.

Over all it was a good job done, I absolutely was happy with the out come and the taste was good for beginner. I brought it over to the boy's place and they ate it all up and each complemented it. So for a DIY boxed Lasagna I can now feel a little more confident to maybe try it from scratch. (Maybe)

I know this isn't really usual for a Beauty Blog but I also like to add a few things here and there. I'm trying to learn to cook on my own sometimes and thought to share this with you in case you thought about doing this yourself.

So whether your late in the game or ahead of the curve do it cause it feels good in the tummy.

Man can you see how tired I am after work and cooking.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

St.Patrick's Day .*+Gilt*ar*ri+*.

Story: Bevintual Gold

Here is my Zoya sweetie Bevin with her man Meteor Shower. This nice duo was just the St.Patrick's day touch I needed. That is if I had worn this duo for St. Patrick's day. Unfortunatly I will be wearing fleshy tone nail polish for this weekend holiday, because I will be in costume for the Kawaii-Kon as Snow white. Kawaii-Kon is our Anime/Game- Convention and I have attended them for 4 years so far, and once back in high school - I liked it a lot. Even though I came late and missed it I was still able to see some people's costumes. Any way back to the matter of heart. Here is a great duo for this Green Irish holiday, which I love so much. I'am half ginger after all. 

List of products:
1. Sally Hansen - Complete treatment continuous treatment growth nail polish (Base coat)
2. Zoya - Bevin
3. American Apparel - Meteor shower  
4. Sally Hansen - Triple strong advanced gel nail fortifier (Top coat)

L-R: Bevin & Meteor shower


 The best way to apply this type of glitter it to use a tooth pick or pointed tip to
lift the glitter off of the brush or a flat surface then apply to the nail.
It can stick out feeling rough or pointy, just use clear nail polish to set it flat.

American Apparel: Meteor Shower (A metal flake glitter)

So whether your late in the game or ahead of the curve, do it cause it makes you happy.

May the sun shine bright on you,
May the mother smile for you,
and May the blessings of Patty be with you.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Revlon Butters V.S Clinique Butters

Story: Buttery Goodness for your Lippies
Lip butters have been around for years now but recently they have become popular over the Internet Space as well as Drug stores. Before the Revlon butters came round I had already tested these waters thanks to Clinique. Now that I have all the Revlon shades I wanted in my possession and have been able to try them all I can feel better about giving this review.
If you would like to watch the Video here is the link: Clinique Butters VS Revlon Buttters 

List of products: 

(Revlon Lip butters)
Creme Brulee
Peach Parfait
Strawberry Shortcake
Sweet Tart
Lolli Pop
Tutti Frutti
Candy Apple
Red Velvet


Alright Let the review begin.
Revlon Lip Butters are a really great thing to have or even to try. They are affordable can cost from 4-6 dollars depending on where you get them. You can find these in Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS stores. They have 20 different shades to choose from and smell like deserts. Plus they have a multifunctional case. (The top Cover can be used as a magnifying glass.)

Creme Brulee: 
To be honest this was bought on a whim, I figured it would be a nice sheer nude lip butter. May I just say I love it when I'm right. It really was a surprise to me when this color came on nice a smooth with out any hassles. But a tip when using this particular shade, buff your babies first before putting this nude on.

Out of all the colors I tried this was the worst for me. The shade would clump and give me an uneven coverage, even when I buffed my lips. Almost a dupe for Lime Crime's Coquette but does not hold a teaspoon to it. I think I have to go into relationship therapy with this shade because something isn't working.

Peach Parfait:
My FAVORITE shade out of all the shades I have. It comes a little more pink then peach.This is a very nice dupe for the Clinique Butter Shine lipstick Pink-a-boo. Not as pigmented but with a few more coats, pretty close. I love the light gold shimmer this shade has. The moisture + coverage = a great butter lipstick.

Strawberry Shortcake:
A cute baby pink darling of a lipstick, has the same constancy as Creme Brulee, and might use some lip buffering before application but it's not necessary. It really is a cute pink shade to have and even try out as your first baby pink lipstick because you have to build it up to reach full opacity.

Sweet Tart:
A very nice glossy shade of pink maybe a middle ground between fuchsia and rose. This is a nice color to have for a day-night look. You could use one layer for a hint of color during the day and then re-apply over to make it darker for a night out. Plus with it's glossy finish it looks like your wearing just gloss.

Lolli Pop:
Gotta like this shade, it looks like a color taken straight off a flower. It is a fuchsia color for sure. But it helps to layer this on for a better all around coverage. There even is a very small purple sheen to it when the flash is on, nice an slight but not over powering.

Tutti Frutti:
This is a nice dark orange cream color for the lips. I would never have thought the word Tutti Frutti to be orange color, mainly because of the Jelly Belly Bean Tutti Frutti is pink with different color flecks in it. (Hm I think I've seen a nail polish like that? = Deborah Lippman's Candy shop) But none the less this is a very nice red orange color for the lips.

 Candy Apple:
This shade is my 2nd Favorite out of the shades I have. It's a nice sheer red that you can build up to your comfort zone. The color on this is just pretty and a good mute red tone. What I mean by that is it looks like a flush of color not a big bright red light like some red lipsticks can be. Because of the glossy look to it too, its just a nice juicy color.

Red Velvet:
Like the cupcake? Yes, yes it is. Just as if you had eaten it and the color of the cupcake smudged on your lips. A nice dark red, I wasn't a 100% that I would like this red but against my warnings I got it anyway. It was a good bet didn't kick myself after. Like Candy Apple you can build this color up to your taste.

Clinique Butter Shine Lipsticks are just as equally grate. Unlike our Revlon Butters here these can run about 14-16 dollars depending on your state tax.You can find them at Sephora, Macy's, or any store near you that sells Clinique cosmetics. They have 16 different shades to chose from these aren't scented or don't seem to be if they are. They don't have a multifunctional case but a nice sliver bamboo shaped classy case.

If there was a shade of the fruit of the Gods this I think would be it. A very lovely shade of blood orange with golden flecks of glitter that makes this just a gorgeous color to have. Can be a little sheer but pretty pigment. This was another shade of lipstick I've gotten nice complements from. In fact this was my very first Orange shade of lipstick I tried.

This is an adorable pink shade and feels great on the lips. I can't think of any pink lipstick that complements so well. Not over bearing but not too sheer to be non-existent on the lips. This is one of my favorite shades of pink. Has the same gold glittery flecks in it which bring this pink a little on the warm side.

Hope you liked this review and help you decide what colors seem best for you.
Whether your late in the game or ahead of the trend do it because it makes you happy.


(Have any questions or comments leave them below, please.)
P.S Sorry for the late post on the Loreal Infallible 24 hour shadows VS the Maybelline 24 Color Tattoo Shadows. I don't have all the colors yet.