Monday, February 6, 2012

Physician's Formula Haul/Review

Story: PH Matchmaking Mood boosting goodness.
Physician's Formula has always put me on a roller coaster ride. Sometimes they come out with products that I think are fabulous and sometimes I feel like it's a false advertisement of color. I walked into my Long's drug store (CVS) and passed these but came back around to be utterly amazed. I had no idea this chic black cased blushes, bronze-rs, and gloss were their products. I read about it being PH matching and right away thought about my MGM lipstick. So I grab a few read some more and took some home. What really tickled my fancy was the fact that they have built in lights like a mini vanity mirror. While their I spotted what I thought was blush in a stick form but really it was the Mood Boosting lipsticks. Nearly stopped my heart, I have never really seen an actual tube of lipstick from Physician's formula in fact I had wished last year for them to at least try. Apparently some wishes do come true. SO I got both shades and did a swatch review.

Item List:
1. PH matchmaker blush - Natural
2. PH matchmaker bronzer - Light bronze
3. PH matchmaker lip gloss - Light pink
4. Shimmer Strips Khole liners - For blue eyes
5. Happy Booster Mood boosting lipstick - Rose
6. Happy Booster Mood boosting lipstick - Natural

A very nice blush, the cute shimmer pearls that line the blush will give a nice glowing effect on your cheeks. Not sheer at all but not too pigmented either. (Blush comes in two different colors.)

The light bronzer is great for those fair skin ladies, they also include the nice shimmer pearls lining it to give a glowing effect. Bust this baby out for spring and summer. That's the plan. They also have a darker shade as well. (Bronzer comes in two different shades.)

This is what it looks like with the lights on and the brush that comes with it.

The lip gloss, part of the PH matchmaker line. Has a built in mirror and even a light on the cover of it. For this piece I don't know if it's possible to put a new battery in if it dies. But if I find out I'll let you know. This shade is in Light pink. Around $8 depending where you get it. The brush for the gloss is rather small but rather nice. A light gloss feeling and has a little shimmer glitters in it. (Comes in two different shades.)

The Kohl liners for Blue eyes, I got the blue eyes one because I really like the brown liner out of them. Unfortunately it broke the day I used it so I had to battle with myself for going back to buy another one. Because if it breaks so easily why keep buying it. That just made me sad over all. They are quite nice, maybe the liners would be best instead of these. What I wish they would do sometimes is to sell these separately.

Happy Booster Mood Boosting lipstick from Physician's Formula, I can't believe they actually make lipstick in a lipstick tube form. Ahhhhh<3 Not to mention they have a cute heart on the case as well as the lipstick. It's like three different shades in one to make the ultimate creamy shade. Just like the power ranger's ships.


Coverage of this was just amazeballs, the color and feel of this lipstick does make one happy. It's a great rose pink very flattering on any skin tone. This was my favorite shade out of the two a nice cool pink.


Shade: Natural
This is the nice natural lipstick with a hint of pink to it that I was looking for. I am soooo happy I bought both shades. These lipsticks are creamy as Alfredo but in a good way. They do last up to three hours to four depending if you have have need to feed like I do.
This is the natural warm peach looking cream lipstick I needed.

If you have anymore questions, or would like me to review anything else let me know. Hope this helps and even makes you as happy as it has me. Whether your late in the game or a head of the trend do it cause it makes you happy.



  1. I have the blush and the gloss - great right? I love how the lipsticks look but I haven't seen it at the store yet. I will def pick it up when I do! Even the bronzer looks cute!

    1. Yeah they are, I really like most of the products the drug store brands are coming out with.