Saturday, February 18, 2012

#2 Nude .*+Glit*ar*ri+*.

 Story: Shimmer nude with Green flare.

I know it seems like it's going to be just nude nail polishes with different color glitter, what can I say a lot of things go with nude shades. Don't worry because the brighter colors will come. I just wanted to get the groups that seem similar all together. So here is Session 3 of the .*+Glit*ra*ri+*. A very nice shimmery nude from Zoya with the ever so rare Hard candy. You can use any kind of green glitter but because the Zoya color Naomi is more on the warmer side I think a nice lime green glitter would match well. It's give a nice sense of spring flare from a frosty nude. So let's get on it...

List of products:
1. Sally Hansen - Complete treatment continuous treatment growth nail polish (Base coat)
2. Zoya - Naomi
3. Hard Candy - Sweet P
5. Sally Hansen - Triple strong advanced gel nail fortifier (Top coat)

Hard Candy - Sweet P & Zoya - Naomi


Sweet P

Hope this fixes some polish porn searching your looking for. Late in the Game or a head of the Trend have fun.


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