Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Too Faced (Champagne lipstick) Review

Story - Too faced champagne lipstick
To your face: "Hey gurl<3, What's up? OMG That is such a cute bracelet, where'd you get it?"
Behind your back: "That is the most fugly bracelet I've ever seen! She's such a slut."

Man some girls are two faced. Here is a quote to help ease that tension:
"There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women." - Madeleine K. Albright

Now here's a Too faced we don't mind having on our backs, or at least in our purses.

Too Faced Champagne infused lipstick Review:

L-R: Totally Nude, Pink Flamingo, Marcia x3, Sex Kitten

Flash: Totally Nude, Pink Flamingo, Marcia x3, Sex Kitten

Too Faced's Champagne infused lipstick is a very interesting and fun lipstick to get your hands on. This has been around for sometime and I was curious about there cosmetics last year when Googling a swatch of the pretty color Marcia Marcia Marcia. I snatched it off of E-bay and never looked back. Since then I've fallen in love with more colors of this lipstick line. A proud owner of Totally nude, Pink Flamingo, Marcia x3, and Sex Kitten. All ranging in natural to dark shades.
 (<---Photo taken in Day Light)

  The Too Faced lipstick are infused with a Champagne and smells like it is. It's not an irritating smell but a quite pleasant scent. Although reading up on the reviews by others whom have found the scent to be horrible. So it's not for everyone but if you can stand the scent or love it, the colors are just as adorable as the case it is in. You can find these on E-bay or go to your local Macy's & Sephora the cost will be around $20. That is unless you can find it cheaper somewhere else.
(<---Photo taken with Flash)

Please continue down for some swatches of these colors, using my petite furry lips.


Totally Nude

Totally Nude is a natural beige lip color. So far I've used this baby quite a lot. It gives a really nice moisturizing shine and last for a good 3 hours unless you need to feed. This shade is flattering and formula is great because it get's into the groves of your lips giving an even application.
Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo is a shimmery pink coral color. My favorite out of all of them. This shade is a nice warm color for the lips with some flare. Perfect for the spring time and photographs nicely when wearing it out. The only thing is it stays on for a good while but will dry out not as lasting as Totally nude when it comes to moisture.

Marcia Marcia Marcia

Marcia Marcia Marcia a cool pink with a golden shimmer. A little cooler then Pink Flamingo with the same consistency. This shade is just beautiful, and really a great find. Lipsticks that have a gold shimmer to it just attract me like a fly to a light. Does dry out after a few hours but the color will last for over all 4 hours unless the need to feed comes.

Sex Kitten

Sex Kitten is a nice berry red shade with sliver flecks in it. It gives a nice vibe like a James Bond girl Sex kitten feel. Perfect for winter time and even the Sliver flecks don't over bear the color of the lipstick. It is a little scratchy when you apply it on. The moisture of the lipstick comes in second to Totally nude and the color last for about 3.5 hours. Lets just say I snack a lot and have a bad habit of licking my lips. Which probably just means it would last longer.

These are the Too Faced Champagne infuse lipsticks. Feel free to ask any question or concerns I will do my best to reply to you soon. So whether your late in the game or a head of the trend do it cause it makes you happy.

Enjoy and more Reviews to come.



  1. Thank you for posting this! This was very helpful, especially the fact that the color swatches on Too Faced' website isn't too accurate (as many have said in the review section). I think I will be purchasing Totally Nude! All of the colors look fab on you :).

    1. Thank you so much and you are welcome. I have seen that on their website that they use digital swatch images then an actual lip model. Maybe someday they will update their website and use real life people to show the colors.