Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rainbow .*+Gilt*ar*ri+*.

Story: Revlon's scented rainbow toes.

Revlon's sweetly seductive scented nail varnish came out around the time 2011 summer did. They looked like candy and smelled like candy. Scented when dried so don't try to sniff it before then or you could get high or a nose full of uggh. On the cover though is a scratch and sniff sticker to inform you of what to expect when it does dry (How nice of them.) I know this is old news and not fair to those who weren't able to snatch these. I'm pretty sure you could still try to grab them off e-bay or find other rainbow colored glitter to achieve this pretty pedi. This is the first nail trial I thought of when I bought these scented polished and the first nail design I wanted to show you because it is the easiest way to design on your nails. A lot of the time I just paint my toe nails because my work won't allow me to paint my finger nails T_T and the only colors they permit on toes are shades of Pinks and Reds. Very limiting. So When I did this I had to get converse for work to cover up my rainbow toes because I just didn't want to take it off. So here it is.

The 7 colors out of 8 (In door lighting)
Shade names + Colors:

Watermelon Fizz - Red
Apple-tini Fizz - Green
Grapefruit Fizz - Pink
Pineapple Fizz - Yellow
Pinacolada Fizz - Light blue/white
Orange Fizz - Orange
Mint Fizz - Dark blue
Grape Fizz - Purple

The 7 colors out of 8 (Flash)

Here is another blogger who did her own tutorial on these. The design she created is a cute candy cane rainbow look and is just Ahhhmazing. Link
Sun light (slightly over cast)

Flash (Sorry for the out of focus)

I did one foot different from the other for a continuous effect and I couldn't decide what looked better. Keep in mind that you cant start with any color and end with any color. Purple is not included for the fact I only got 5 toes per foot so only used 5 colors.

If you have any questions let me know or leave a comment below. Or if you want me to do swatches of each color let me know too and I'll update this page. Once I get it done.

So whether you late in the game or a head of the trend do it cause it makes you happy.

Thank you,

Val   (n_n)V

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