Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nude .*+Glit*ar*ri+*.

Story: Nude nails with a Glittery flare
This is a good way to show a little pop of Glitter without over powering your nails. The purpose of these .*+Glit*ar*ri+*. nail post is to show you how to match your Glittery Nail Varnish with another matching color or at least the matches I have made (There are many matches out there). The form of nail art I'm going with on these is the mismatched mani; a single nail that has a different color. But instead of mismatching it will be a color that enhances the mismatched glitter. Hence a glitter accent. Here are photos of my Nude nail with a matching Glitter.

List of Products:
1. Sally Hansen - Complete treatment continuous treatment growth nail polish
2. Opi - Sand in my suit
3. Zoya - Malia
4. Sally Hansen - Gem Crush in Big Money
5. Sally Hansen - Triple strong advanced gel nail fortifier

Opi - Sand in my suit / Sally Hansen - Big money


Big money.

Zoya - Malia / Sally Hansen - Big money

Swatches. Sorry for the messiness.

 Hope this is helpful and something you think of trying yourself. More matches to come. n_n


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