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Korean Lipsticks Review

Story: Etude House lipsticks and Peripera lipsticks

While I was watching Youtube tutorial videos looking for that Asian girl glowing appearance I heard one of the host's mention BB Creams. From then on I dove into the cosmetics that came from Japan, China, and Korea. BB Creams are Amaze balls only if you know which one works for you the best (Possible future post). Then I wanted to check out their lipsticks, and being that I've been on the crave for lipsticks. I checked out a few mostly from Etude House. Reading reviews everywhere they all seemed to carry the same message, great color, creamy feel, and moisturizing. So I looked up Etude House and found they had a wide variety of Colors and styles of lipsticks. I tried one, then another, then another and found that they really are awesomium (Aw). After I thought to try another brand called Peripera I had high hopes, unfortunately it did not reach em. The dismount was messy, it streaked on my lips and just didn't hold on to them. Maybe if I tried a different color it might have worked out.

Making swatches and Taking names:

 So here they are, the Etude House and Peripera lipsticks. I really like the case on the VIP and the Luci darlings. It is a plastic case and the lipsticks all smell different. I purchases all of these but the Peripera on E-bay. I got Peripera from Pretty& They do carry more colors but for the Luci darling Fantastic rouge Tangerine lipstick and the Nymph aura shine there are only two colors. They all have a nice creamy texture to them and feel just great on the lips.

VIP Dear Darling RD104

Etude House VIP Dear Darling lipstick in RD104 - Ok so we know "RD"104 means it's a shade of red. It is a nice pixie shade of red. I loved this one the most out of all. It's just so creamy and the color photographs so well. The case is adorable with a gradient pink clear rose shaped cover and a chain pattern layered over the tube case. It smells soooo nice too, not over powering at all the scent is like a peach rose. I would love to purchase more of these but right now I am set with this one. Makes my lips look nice and juicy.

Luci Darling Fantastic Rouge #9 Romantic Rose

Etude House Luci Darling Fantastic Rouge in #9 Romantic Rose - This was a really fun purchase, the shade is a really nice rose color and overall application of it was a dream. The creamy texture is also just as great as the other cousins' lines. Can be a little streaky but good on most days. Very nice floral scent not over powering at all, there lipsticks are like that which I like a lot. The cover is a Black tinted plastic cover  and has a nice metallic bow at the base.

Luci Darling Fantastic Rouge Tangerine #13 Coral Tangerine

Etude House Luci Darling Fantastic rouge Tangerine in  #13 Coral Tangerine - I recently notice I've been getting a lot to orange colored lipsticks, and I like this one because it's not shimmery. I have tons of shimmery orange lipstick but not a nice cream one. This is so nice and pretty on when the sun hits it. The scent is a nice citrus could be nectarine could be a blood orange smell. Just great. The cover is a sheer peach plastic cover and has a bronze metallic bow at the base.

Nymph Aura Shine #1 Pink

Etude House Nymph Aura Shine lipstick in #1 Pink - These series from Etude house was made to give a nice wet out of the shower look with a sheer hint of color. I like this it's a sheer color you can build up a little that gives you this healthy looking shine to your lips. Same creamy constancy as it's cousin lines do, the natural nymph look. The case is a pastel lavender plastic case, with a silver metallic bow at the base. Hold the same light smell as the Luci Darling Fantastic rouge.

Peripera My Color lips in #20 Pink Beige - I wanted a pink natural color for my lips but the color just won't cooperate with me. I had to achieve this full coverage with a lipstick brush because if i pursed my lips it would streak. It's nice and creamy and has a rose scent to it. Really nice just wrong shade for me. The case is a clear pink plastic cover with floral lace design etched in. Has a nice cookie looking handle on it to pull it out of the case. I'll still try work with this if not then I have to give it away. :/

Thanks for reading this review if you have any questions or comments just leave one below. <3


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