Friday, January 6, 2012

The hunt begins (MGM Cosmetics)

Story - How it starts
My first run in with cosmetics was at a young age like most women, yet it was not a very positive out come. For the reason is that I used nail polish like paint, paint on the walls to be exact. After that I wasn't really allowed near the stuff until I learned how to use it properly. Later when I would see my mother getting ready for a formal dinner I would ask her what she was doing putting that stuff on her lips. She told me what it was and why, I never understood it then but I was enticed by it. I would get in trouble for sneaking into her bathroom and playing with her make-up. Later I just gave up, because of other things that interested me. Then for some reason I began to hone my nail polish technique, so much that I was able to paint my nails using both hands. I loved it and needed it, to stop myself from biting my numbs. In my high school days I started playing with eye shadows and found eye liner for the first time. But unlike most girls who at that age where much advanced in using cosmetics, I was behind. A part of me hated the girly-pink-blush with the red lips and the heavy shadow. It just didn't feel like One day at a family dinner I see my Grandmother take out a tube of the most amazing lipstick I had ever seen. It wasn't like the scarlet shades I'd see the girls my age wore, it was GREEN! The tube and the lipstick it's self was green. Aiko (Grandmother) applied it to her petite lips, and it changed color into a nice shade of pink. I had no idea lipstick could do that. Years later when I graduated high school, I had dinner with her, after eating she took out the same tube and used it. From then on I noticed she would use it at every formal occasion. That's when I started getting into the world of cosmetics. When I asked her about her favorite lipstick she said "Oh, I don't think they make these anymore. But if I find it, I'll let you know. n_n" She had this cute smile where she'd shrug her shoulders at the same time.
She passed away last year in the fall. I miss her.
I was able to get her lipstick as a memento, 'an iconic piece of Aiko' I called it. I put it in a special place along with my worldly possessions. One day I decided to search for the brand. Luckily the sticker on it was still in great shape I searched for the item on the web. MGM Cosmetics in Memphis Tennessee, there was an online website for the exact lipstick she had. I flipped my $h!t. Thing was they were out of order for the shade she used, Fresh apple green. I waited and waited and finally...
New one on the Left, Aiko's on the right.

They changed the case last year, to give it a new look. Which made me sad at first because I wanted the old one so that when I gave it to my family Christmas gift, they would know right away what it was. They didn't make it in T_T, by the time they got the item shipped it did not make it on the Holiday. I FOUND IT!!! and now I get to share it.

MGM Cosmetics also has different colors too:
 Fresh apple green
Sweet violet blue
Sassy citrus orange
Temptingly delicious chocolate
(Each of the Moodsticks are formulated to work with your own pH balance to give you your own signature color that hilights your natural color.)

Here is the website:

Review - MGM Cosmetics Fresh apple green lipstick.

(Fresh apple green 'The Next Generation' Left)
The updated case of the lipstick is rather nice. Less of the pearl green casing which makes me a little stand off-ish towards it. Not a 100% down for the clear cap - I don't want anybody seeing my messed up lipstick.

(Label on the bottom.)
 The application process:


(No Flash)

(What the color looks like on a make-up removal sheet)

The texture and feel of the lipstick is like lip balm, nice and smooth. It has a nice fruity apple jolly rancher like scent to it, which I adore the most. It's really not like any mood changing lipsticks I've seen here. Might take a little long to find your PH balance in order to give you the right color for you. When it does. n_n Amazeballz.

 A definite great find.

- Val

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  1. Haha that is a sweet story I purchased mine around the mid to late 80's and to be honest Today May 2016 I have the lipstick in front of me in the original tube. Forever & I mean FOREVER the smell Never went away. Today I will be ordering all their colors to go back in time lol
    P.S. Thanks for sharing grandma is very Happy