Monday, January 23, 2012

Fake Mac Lipsticks.

Story: Fake Mac Attack (Hide your lips, Hide your eyes, Hide your face.)

Antonie is Epic - Pop culture history making. What isn't is this Fake Mac everywhere, redonkulous just full on weird. But they do make nice cases I don't recommend using the product though. Last year my friend introduced me to Mac Cosmetics for the first time, It was when the Wonder Woman line had come out. Later on I finally decided to get the lipstick, problem they were almost gone only two shades were left in some stores all over Hawaii. I had to have one, I called all the stores that were close to me and one had a shade of my 2nd choice. Drove out and bought it, time went on and I started getting paranoid. "What if I lose it?-What if the case cracks?-What if someone steals it? Where else can I buy these in the shade I want?"...E-Bay! So I went online bought a few, but had a sneaking suspicion they were fake. Once it came in the mail I checked it out, got my real one checked it, Mutha F****!!! It's fake, case is nice, but ew. I had wasted my money on something with a great quality product's name without the real product.

Some of the sellers were nice enough to settle it with me, others were just plain greedy and in so got a nice FU score for not warning buyers of it's original origins. I wanted to protect other buyers from this mistake so I made a video on Youtube about it. I'll add the link below this. Now Here are a few tips to show you Visually what to look for and what I can't really show you.

Video Link: 5 Tips on how to tell if you have a fake Mac lipstick

So let's get started,

Which is real which is fake?

1. Mac lipstick have a Vanilla scent.

2. Fake Mac lipstick feels lighter because the case is all plastic.

3. The fake Mac lipstick is wider then the real one, how to tell if this is true you put on the fake cover on the real thing.

4. The shape of the lipstick is sharp and pointed with a ")" curve on the top, Mac lipstick is not like this it's a "/".

5. The stickers on the box match the color on the box they don't have numbers on it unless the shade's name is in fact numbers.

6. The stickers on the lipstick should not match the stickers on the box.

7. Limited edition Mac has a only a few shades around 1-4 to help you should search the shades of the edition on the Mac website first before you Ebay. The stickers on the fake Mac always looks on the Bold side.

8. The tube of lipstick pops out or can be pulled out easily.

9. Limited edition products have a set number for shades so you will only get 1-5 specific shades in that line. Not 20 different colored shades. Best way to know for sure is just to look on Mac. You don't have to buy anything just to look. But if it's an already discontinued item google it.

10. Watch out for whole sellers from China (Nothing against you mate.) or any that say it's left over from Whole sale. I've seen the whole sale mac site and everything on there is fake.

Before you click to buy always read the product information below, if it seems shady don't get it. A lot of them say they get it straight from the manufacture, if the seller is from China be weary. I'm not saying that all China sellers are selling fake items but most of the time I had bought from them it was. If they cannot prove authenticity then don't get it.


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