Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Covergirl Flipstick Review

Story: 3 Covergirl Flipstick shades review + 1 sad panda.

It was Amazeballs to see sooo many cool new products this year and even more so new flashy daring lipsticks from Covergirl. I have some of there lip perfection lipsticks, so when I saw these I jumped on board. Sadly though I got sea sick. The photo on the advertisement isn't a 100% truth on the lipstick it's self. These particular flipsticks are advertised though as lipsticks used to create the Ombre lip look. Where you have two or more different shades of colors on you lips. Maybe they used great lighting, maybe they used other products like a lip concealer to bring out the color? Whatever they did it did not translate to this product. Not all is lost though, there are good things about this lipstick that might outweigh the negative. These flipsticks are nice and when used right are a nifty item to have around when you need to change it up or can't decide what look to rock.

Left-Right: Stunner (as seen on add), Tease, and Perky.

Stunner: This shade was advertised and became the most popular color out of them all. It is a great paring of a fashion trend already blazing around. The fiery red lip with a hot flare of shimmery gold. When I tried this item it soo did not come out the way on the advertisement, it was pretty sheer coverage. I had to rub it over and over to get it to the opacity I wanted. Then when I tried the gold to the inner part of my lips it too was sheer and didn't pop as I thought it would. Although when I used both shade separately it was a nice touch of color and a great feeling to have a choice which color to use. So the third step was to mix them, and oddly enough it came out to be a simular color to my favorite shade out of their lip perfection line in Temptation. (Future blog review) 

Tease: This shade was good enough to make the lips with eye shadow look. Even though the shades in the tube did not come out they way I thought it would it was a nice rose pink. As for opacity it was easy to obtain. When mixed it was just a delicate rose color. A very nice mixture that can be lighter or darker depending on which shade you decide to be the dominate color.

Perky: This flipstick was a cute pink valentines day theme. The shadow effect for this one was good too, opacity was easily obtained and showed up nicely with the flash. When mixed it looks like every regular shade of pink, so I do think it would be just fine being used to achieve that shadow look. I like how for perky the darker shade is a warm tone rose rather then the cooler rose shade in tease.

Over all these lipstick were not what I expected, and I think it's because it is lipstick. Not the regular lipstick with Eye shadow look which looks way different then these. So if you want that crisp look use shadow but if you don't mind having a lipstick duo that can be there when you go from day to night or sexy vixen to playful girl next door. Just try it for your self and whether your late in the game or ahead of the trend, do it cause it makes you happy.


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