Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Covergirl Flipstick Review

Story: 3 Covergirl Flipstick shades review + 1 sad panda.

It was Amazeballs to see sooo many cool new products this year and even more so new flashy daring lipsticks from Covergirl. I have some of there lip perfection lipsticks, so when I saw these I jumped on board. Sadly though I got sea sick. The photo on the advertisement isn't a 100% truth on the lipstick it's self. These particular flipsticks are advertised though as lipsticks used to create the Ombre lip look. Where you have two or more different shades of colors on you lips. Maybe they used great lighting, maybe they used other products like a lip concealer to bring out the color? Whatever they did it did not translate to this product. Not all is lost though, there are good things about this lipstick that might outweigh the negative. These flipsticks are nice and when used right are a nifty item to have around when you need to change it up or can't decide what look to rock.

Left-Right: Stunner (as seen on add), Tease, and Perky.

Stunner: This shade was advertised and became the most popular color out of them all. It is a great paring of a fashion trend already blazing around. The fiery red lip with a hot flare of shimmery gold. When I tried this item it soo did not come out the way on the advertisement, it was pretty sheer coverage. I had to rub it over and over to get it to the opacity I wanted. Then when I tried the gold to the inner part of my lips it too was sheer and didn't pop as I thought it would. Although when I used both shade separately it was a nice touch of color and a great feeling to have a choice which color to use. So the third step was to mix them, and oddly enough it came out to be a simular color to my favorite shade out of their lip perfection line in Temptation. (Future blog review) 

Tease: This shade was good enough to make the lips with eye shadow look. Even though the shades in the tube did not come out they way I thought it would it was a nice rose pink. As for opacity it was easy to obtain. When mixed it was just a delicate rose color. A very nice mixture that can be lighter or darker depending on which shade you decide to be the dominate color.

Perky: This flipstick was a cute pink valentines day theme. The shadow effect for this one was good too, opacity was easily obtained and showed up nicely with the flash. When mixed it looks like every regular shade of pink, so I do think it would be just fine being used to achieve that shadow look. I like how for perky the darker shade is a warm tone rose rather then the cooler rose shade in tease.

Over all these lipstick were not what I expected, and I think it's because it is lipstick. Not the regular lipstick with Eye shadow look which looks way different then these. So if you want that crisp look use shadow but if you don't mind having a lipstick duo that can be there when you go from day to night or sexy vixen to playful girl next door. Just try it for your self and whether your late in the game or ahead of the trend, do it cause it makes you happy.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nude .*+Glit*ar*ri+*.

Story: Nude nails with a Glittery flare
This is a good way to show a little pop of Glitter without over powering your nails. The purpose of these .*+Glit*ar*ri+*. nail post is to show you how to match your Glittery Nail Varnish with another matching color or at least the matches I have made (There are many matches out there). The form of nail art I'm going with on these is the mismatched mani; a single nail that has a different color. But instead of mismatching it will be a color that enhances the mismatched glitter. Hence a glitter accent. Here are photos of my Nude nail with a matching Glitter.

List of Products:
1. Sally Hansen - Complete treatment continuous treatment growth nail polish
2. Opi - Sand in my suit
3. Zoya - Malia
4. Sally Hansen - Gem Crush in Big Money
5. Sally Hansen - Triple strong advanced gel nail fortifier

Opi - Sand in my suit / Sally Hansen - Big money


Big money.

Zoya - Malia / Sally Hansen - Big money

Swatches. Sorry for the messiness.

 Hope this is helpful and something you think of trying yourself. More matches to come. n_n


Monday, January 23, 2012

Fake Mac Lipsticks.

Story: Fake Mac Attack (Hide your lips, Hide your eyes, Hide your face.)

Antonie is Epic - Pop culture history making. What isn't is this Fake Mac everywhere, redonkulous just full on weird. But they do make nice cases I don't recommend using the product though. Last year my friend introduced me to Mac Cosmetics for the first time, It was when the Wonder Woman line had come out. Later on I finally decided to get the lipstick, problem they were almost gone only two shades were left in some stores all over Hawaii. I had to have one, I called all the stores that were close to me and one had a shade of my 2nd choice. Drove out and bought it, time went on and I started getting paranoid. "What if I lose it?-What if the case cracks?-What if someone steals it? Where else can I buy these in the shade I want?"...E-Bay! So I went online bought a few, but had a sneaking suspicion they were fake. Once it came in the mail I checked it out, got my real one checked it, Mutha F****!!! It's fake, case is nice, but ew. I had wasted my money on something with a great quality product's name without the real product.

Some of the sellers were nice enough to settle it with me, others were just plain greedy and in so got a nice FU score for not warning buyers of it's original origins. I wanted to protect other buyers from this mistake so I made a video on Youtube about it. I'll add the link below this. Now Here are a few tips to show you Visually what to look for and what I can't really show you.

Video Link: 5 Tips on how to tell if you have a fake Mac lipstick

So let's get started,

Which is real which is fake?

1. Mac lipstick have a Vanilla scent.

2. Fake Mac lipstick feels lighter because the case is all plastic.

3. The fake Mac lipstick is wider then the real one, how to tell if this is true you put on the fake cover on the real thing.

4. The shape of the lipstick is sharp and pointed with a ")" curve on the top, Mac lipstick is not like this it's a "/".

5. The stickers on the box match the color on the box they don't have numbers on it unless the shade's name is in fact numbers.

6. The stickers on the lipstick should not match the stickers on the box.

7. Limited edition Mac has a only a few shades around 1-4 to help you should search the shades of the edition on the Mac website first before you Ebay. The stickers on the fake Mac always looks on the Bold side.

8. The tube of lipstick pops out or can be pulled out easily.

9. Limited edition products have a set number for shades so you will only get 1-5 specific shades in that line. Not 20 different colored shades. Best way to know for sure is just to look on Mac. You don't have to buy anything just to look. But if it's an already discontinued item google it.

10. Watch out for whole sellers from China (Nothing against you mate.) or any that say it's left over from Whole sale. I've seen the whole sale mac site and everything on there is fake.

Before you click to buy always read the product information below, if it seems shady don't get it. A lot of them say they get it straight from the manufacture, if the seller is from China be weary. I'm not saying that all China sellers are selling fake items but most of the time I had bought from them it was. If they cannot prove authenticity then don't get it.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Korean Lipsticks Review

Story: Etude House lipsticks and Peripera lipsticks

While I was watching Youtube tutorial videos looking for that Asian girl glowing appearance I heard one of the host's mention BB Creams. From then on I dove into the cosmetics that came from Japan, China, and Korea. BB Creams are Amaze balls only if you know which one works for you the best (Possible future post). Then I wanted to check out their lipsticks, and being that I've been on the crave for lipsticks. I checked out a few mostly from Etude House. Reading reviews everywhere they all seemed to carry the same message, great color, creamy feel, and moisturizing. So I looked up Etude House and found they had a wide variety of Colors and styles of lipsticks. I tried one, then another, then another and found that they really are awesomium (Aw). After I thought to try another brand called Peripera I had high hopes, unfortunately it did not reach em. The dismount was messy, it streaked on my lips and just didn't hold on to them. Maybe if I tried a different color it might have worked out.

Making swatches and Taking names:

 So here they are, the Etude House and Peripera lipsticks. I really like the case on the VIP and the Luci darlings. It is a plastic case and the lipsticks all smell different. I purchases all of these but the Peripera on E-bay. I got Peripera from Pretty&Cute.com. They do carry more colors but for the Luci darling Fantastic rouge Tangerine lipstick and the Nymph aura shine there are only two colors. They all have a nice creamy texture to them and feel just great on the lips.

VIP Dear Darling RD104

Etude House VIP Dear Darling lipstick in RD104 - Ok so we know "RD"104 means it's a shade of red. It is a nice pixie shade of red. I loved this one the most out of all. It's just so creamy and the color photographs so well. The case is adorable with a gradient pink clear rose shaped cover and a chain pattern layered over the tube case. It smells soooo nice too, not over powering at all the scent is like a peach rose. I would love to purchase more of these but right now I am set with this one. Makes my lips look nice and juicy.

Luci Darling Fantastic Rouge #9 Romantic Rose

Etude House Luci Darling Fantastic Rouge in #9 Romantic Rose - This was a really fun purchase, the shade is a really nice rose color and overall application of it was a dream. The creamy texture is also just as great as the other cousins' lines. Can be a little streaky but good on most days. Very nice floral scent not over powering at all, there lipsticks are like that which I like a lot. The cover is a Black tinted plastic cover  and has a nice metallic bow at the base.

Luci Darling Fantastic Rouge Tangerine #13 Coral Tangerine

Etude House Luci Darling Fantastic rouge Tangerine in  #13 Coral Tangerine - I recently notice I've been getting a lot to orange colored lipsticks, and I like this one because it's not shimmery. I have tons of shimmery orange lipstick but not a nice cream one. This is so nice and pretty on when the sun hits it. The scent is a nice citrus could be nectarine could be a blood orange smell. Just great. The cover is a sheer peach plastic cover and has a bronze metallic bow at the base.

Nymph Aura Shine #1 Pink

Etude House Nymph Aura Shine lipstick in #1 Pink - These series from Etude house was made to give a nice wet out of the shower look with a sheer hint of color. I like this it's a sheer color you can build up a little that gives you this healthy looking shine to your lips. Same creamy constancy as it's cousin lines do, the natural nymph look. The case is a pastel lavender plastic case, with a silver metallic bow at the base. Hold the same light smell as the Luci Darling Fantastic rouge.

Peripera My Color lips in #20 Pink Beige - I wanted a pink natural color for my lips but the color just won't cooperate with me. I had to achieve this full coverage with a lipstick brush because if i pursed my lips it would streak. It's nice and creamy and has a rose scent to it. Really nice just wrong shade for me. The case is a clear pink plastic cover with floral lace design etched in. Has a nice cookie looking handle on it to pull it out of the case. I'll still try work with this if not then I have to give it away. :/

Thanks for reading this review if you have any questions or comments just leave one below. <3


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rainbow .*+Gilt*ar*ri+*.

Story: Revlon's scented rainbow toes.

Revlon's sweetly seductive scented nail varnish came out around the time 2011 summer did. They looked like candy and smelled like candy. Scented when dried so don't try to sniff it before then or you could get high or a nose full of uggh. On the cover though is a scratch and sniff sticker to inform you of what to expect when it does dry (How nice of them.) I know this is old news and not fair to those who weren't able to snatch these. I'm pretty sure you could still try to grab them off e-bay or find other rainbow colored glitter to achieve this pretty pedi. This is the first nail trial I thought of when I bought these scented polished and the first nail design I wanted to show you because it is the easiest way to design on your nails. A lot of the time I just paint my toe nails because my work won't allow me to paint my finger nails T_T and the only colors they permit on toes are shades of Pinks and Reds. Very limiting. So When I did this I had to get converse for work to cover up my rainbow toes because I just didn't want to take it off. So here it is.

The 7 colors out of 8 (In door lighting)
Shade names + Colors:

Watermelon Fizz - Red
Apple-tini Fizz - Green
Grapefruit Fizz - Pink
Pineapple Fizz - Yellow
Pinacolada Fizz - Light blue/white
Orange Fizz - Orange
Mint Fizz - Dark blue
Grape Fizz - Purple

The 7 colors out of 8 (Flash)

Here is another blogger who did her own tutorial on these. The design she created is a cute candy cane rainbow look and is just Ahhhmazing. Link
Sun light (slightly over cast)

Flash (Sorry for the out of focus)

I did one foot different from the other for a continuous effect and I couldn't decide what looked better. Keep in mind that you cant start with any color and end with any color. Purple is not included for the fact I only got 5 toes per foot so only used 5 colors.

If you have any questions let me know or leave a comment below. Or if you want me to do swatches of each color let me know too and I'll update this page. Once I get it done.

So whether you late in the game or a head of the trend do it cause it makes you happy.

Thank you,

Val   (n_n)V

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Too Faced (Champagne lipstick) Review

Story - Too faced champagne lipstick
To your face: "Hey gurl<3, What's up? OMG That is such a cute bracelet, where'd you get it?"
Behind your back: "That is the most fugly bracelet I've ever seen! She's such a slut."

Man some girls are two faced. Here is a quote to help ease that tension:
"There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women." - Madeleine K. Albright

Now here's a Too faced we don't mind having on our backs, or at least in our purses.

Too Faced Champagne infused lipstick Review:

L-R: Totally Nude, Pink Flamingo, Marcia x3, Sex Kitten

Flash: Totally Nude, Pink Flamingo, Marcia x3, Sex Kitten

Too Faced's Champagne infused lipstick is a very interesting and fun lipstick to get your hands on. This has been around for sometime and I was curious about there cosmetics last year when Googling a swatch of the pretty color Marcia Marcia Marcia. I snatched it off of E-bay and never looked back. Since then I've fallen in love with more colors of this lipstick line. A proud owner of Totally nude, Pink Flamingo, Marcia x3, and Sex Kitten. All ranging in natural to dark shades.
 (<---Photo taken in Day Light)

  The Too Faced lipstick are infused with a Champagne and smells like it is. It's not an irritating smell but a quite pleasant scent. Although reading up on the reviews by others whom have found the scent to be horrible. So it's not for everyone but if you can stand the scent or love it, the colors are just as adorable as the case it is in. You can find these on E-bay or go to your local Macy's & Sephora the cost will be around $20. That is unless you can find it cheaper somewhere else.
(<---Photo taken with Flash)

Please continue down for some swatches of these colors, using my petite furry lips.


Totally Nude

Totally Nude is a natural beige lip color. So far I've used this baby quite a lot. It gives a really nice moisturizing shine and last for a good 3 hours unless you need to feed. This shade is flattering and formula is great because it get's into the groves of your lips giving an even application.
Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo is a shimmery pink coral color. My favorite out of all of them. This shade is a nice warm color for the lips with some flare. Perfect for the spring time and photographs nicely when wearing it out. The only thing is it stays on for a good while but will dry out not as lasting as Totally nude when it comes to moisture.

Marcia Marcia Marcia

Marcia Marcia Marcia a cool pink with a golden shimmer. A little cooler then Pink Flamingo with the same consistency. This shade is just beautiful, and really a great find. Lipsticks that have a gold shimmer to it just attract me like a fly to a light. Does dry out after a few hours but the color will last for over all 4 hours unless the need to feed comes.

Sex Kitten

Sex Kitten is a nice berry red shade with sliver flecks in it. It gives a nice vibe like a James Bond girl Sex kitten feel. Perfect for winter time and even the Sliver flecks don't over bear the color of the lipstick. It is a little scratchy when you apply it on. The moisture of the lipstick comes in second to Totally nude and the color last for about 3.5 hours. Lets just say I snack a lot and have a bad habit of licking my lips. Which probably just means it would last longer.

These are the Too Faced Champagne infuse lipsticks. Feel free to ask any question or concerns I will do my best to reply to you soon. So whether your late in the game or a head of the trend do it cause it makes you happy.

Enjoy and more Reviews to come.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Anti Frizz control

Story - Frizzy hair
Many people who have frizzy hair can't seem to "Mange" it. But if you have it and can't stand it maybe you should understand where the problem starts, genetics & natural elements. Sorry to put you under the bus Mom & Dad but it's true, don't fret it's not a 100% your fault. Frizzy hair is hair that just lacks moisture, where the cuticle layer of your scalp is damaged. What I want to do for you is share some tips, tricks, and a little Anti Frizz review of a few product's I've tested on myself to help you find your perfect frizz control if you haven't tried these items already.

Tips & Tricks:

1. Vitamins - Vitamins for the hair helps and makes a big difference, because it starts where the problems is on the inside. If you can't find Vitamins that are specifically for hair look for a Vitamins that holds most of these ingredient: Vitamin A, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B-6, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Iorn, Iodine (Potassium), Zinc,  Choline Bitartrate, Inositol, and Para-amino Benzoic Acid.

2. Heat damage -  Being in the sun for too long, blow drying, straightening etc. Try to do as little of this as possible. If it can't be helped try the products listed after. Try to use a heat protecting spray before using any heat.

3. Using to many hair products - To much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. Mousse, hair dye, even shampoo. If you feel that your shampoo and conditioner doesn't have the effect on the hair you want it to, stop using it. Try to only shampoo your hair a few times a week. Skip any hair products that contain alcohol in them.

4. Towel drying - Yes even this can damage you hair if not done the right way. Squeeze out any excess water with a towel don't rub it in cause this can cause even more damage to hair. Also do not wrap your hair and leave it to dry. I was a big offender of this and it cause me to have some pretty bad split ends. You should be blotting off the water and a micro fiber towel is best.

5. Over brushing - Again to much of a good thing again. I know but if you use a wide tooth brush it is best.

6. Deep conditioning - Find a leave in or deep conditioning product that can help. Leave your conditioner in your hair for at least 5 minutes.

Reviews - Anti frizz control products.
 Garnier Fructis Products:
Garnier Nutrient Spray with Olive Oil
Garnier's Nutrient Spray - This is one of the healthiest products you can put in your hair because it contains a natural conditioning ingredient you can find in your own food cabinet. That's right, Olive oil is one of the best conditioners you can use for your hair. I have tried straight Olive oil too and it is the oldest and cheapest form of hydrating for hair. Finally they made a heat protecting spray with it. It gives my hair a natural looking shine. This is a great product to try, it smells nice too for olive oil. I usually spray this in my hair right before and after I Flat-iron it. 6.29 CVS/Longs

Garnier Sleek & Shine Anti- Humidity Smoothing Milk

Garnier's Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk - When I tried this product the feel of it was pretty heavy for me. Not only that the frizz returned by the end of the day and just overall did not work with my hair. I do think this would work better if I used it only before I heat treat my hair but not after. The smell of this product wasn't that great either. Almost a sulfur smell mixed with floral fruity milky smell. 4.49 CVS/Longs

Garnier Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum
Garnier's Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum - I didn't like this product at all. It feels like I'm putting oil baby powder in my hair. Even though it did a fine job in giving it a light-weight feel with a shine of silk. The smell bothered me way to much, it has a heavy floral baby powder scent to it. That and the oil when in contact to my skin broke me out all on my forehead. So it's safe to say it did not work for me and I will not be purchasing this in the future. 6.29 CVS/Longs

L'Oreal products:

L'Oreal Ever Pure Smooth Frizz Free Serum
L'Oreal's Ever Pure Smooth Frizz-Free Serum - This product gave me the same results as the Garnier Sleek & Shine Anti- Frizz Serum. Unfortunately this product was heavier and caused my scalp to be really oily days after using. The smell is different with a nice Rosemary mint scent but just as heavy, a plus is that the scent fades. Not to mention is is sulfate-free, great for hair that is colored and helps replenish stripped or treated hair. Though I did really like this product I won't be buying it anymore. Around 6.00 haven't seen it in CVS or Longs for while.

L'Oreal Kerastase Chroma Thermo-shine
L'Oreal's Kerastase Chroma Thermique Thermo-Shine - This leave in conditioner is for treated hair as well. Though when I used it it was a nice light weight conditioner with a floral scent to it. Though this product was great it made my hair really oily days after use in fact a day after. But since my hair isn't color treated I really just used it for the scent. They do have a Frizz-control serum for this but I haven't bought it recently or could find the photo for it, that was a great product too. So if your curious to try this I would give it a thumbs go. 15.00 at Aveda spas. 1.69 oz

L'Oreal Kerastase Nutri Huile + Anti-Frizz
L'Oreal Kerastase Oleo-Relax Nutri-Huile + Anti-Frizz - I love this product. It smells great leaves my hair feeling amazeballs and over all the consistency of it is fab. Even though it does have a tendency to make my scalp oily it is overall a great Anti-frizz control. Though I don't like to pay about 30 bucks all the time for it and rarely splurge on this product. The scent is a nice rose smell and really is one of the most expensive shampoos I like to use. In fact will only use I just don't want to keep paying over a 100 for the full treatment system. :'( So I just get this every blue moon. 39.00 on the website.

Other products:

Dove Nutritive therapy Leave in smoothing cream - This is another love. This recently came out last year and I was given a sample of it through the WomanFreebies.com tried it once then Bam! instant love. They do have a Anti-Frizz serum but so far haven't found it on any of the selves lately. But I'll wait. The scent of this is great, and nice fruity smell and makes my hair just amazing. Just under 7 dollars this does wonders even better then the high end stuff. I got to stalk up on this. <3 5.29 Walmart.

TRESemme Freshstart No-Frizz creme
TRESemme Freshstart NO-FRIZZ Creme - I liked this item it is part of a set for the dry shampoo and the refresh spray. Great idea for traveler's, it has a nice citrus scent. Overall I like my dispensers to be a pump, that makes it easier for me to use and go. I recommend trying the entire line of this to get that nice full effect. They even have a mousse shampoo for dry curly hair too. This product is for all types of hair. 5.49 CVS/Longs
Biosilk silk therapy

Biosilk silk therapy - Another pricey item to Anti-frizz I actually bought this to make my loose pigment shadows into pressed powder but never got around to it. I heard from a friend it's a great item but when I purchased it for 20 buck my stomach scrunched. It was such a small bottle for so much, but I tried it and it does what it says, nice and silky. Though it has a musk smell to it, it did it's job. After I press my shadows I will not be buying this again. 19.00 Local salon.

So I wish you good luck and over all to save you some $$$. Whether your late in the game or a head of the trend do it cause it makes you happy.


Friday, January 6, 2012

The hunt begins (MGM Cosmetics)

Story - How it starts
My first run in with cosmetics was at a young age like most women, yet it was not a very positive out come. For the reason is that I used nail polish like paint, paint on the walls to be exact. After that I wasn't really allowed near the stuff until I learned how to use it properly. Later when I would see my mother getting ready for a formal dinner I would ask her what she was doing putting that stuff on her lips. She told me what it was and why, I never understood it then but I was enticed by it. I would get in trouble for sneaking into her bathroom and playing with her make-up. Later I just gave up, because of other things that interested me. Then for some reason I began to hone my nail polish technique, so much that I was able to paint my nails using both hands. I loved it and needed it, to stop myself from biting my numbs. In my high school days I started playing with eye shadows and found eye liner for the first time. But unlike most girls who at that age where much advanced in using cosmetics, I was behind. A part of me hated the girly-pink-blush with the red lips and the heavy shadow. It just didn't feel like ...me. One day at a family dinner I see my Grandmother take out a tube of the most amazing lipstick I had ever seen. It wasn't like the scarlet shades I'd see the girls my age wore, it was GREEN! The tube and the lipstick it's self was green. Aiko (Grandmother) applied it to her petite lips, and it changed color into a nice shade of pink. I had no idea lipstick could do that. Years later when I graduated high school, I had dinner with her, after eating she took out the same tube and used it. From then on I noticed she would use it at every formal occasion. That's when I started getting into the world of cosmetics. When I asked her about her favorite lipstick she said "Oh, I don't think they make these anymore. But if I find it, I'll let you know. n_n" She had this cute smile where she'd shrug her shoulders at the same time.
She passed away last year in the fall. I miss her.
I was able to get her lipstick as a memento, 'an iconic piece of Aiko' I called it. I put it in a special place along with my worldly possessions. One day I decided to search for the brand. Luckily the sticker on it was still in great shape I searched for the item on the web. MGM Cosmetics in Memphis Tennessee, there was an online website for the exact lipstick she had. I flipped my $h!t. Thing was they were out of order for the shade she used, Fresh apple green. I waited and waited and finally...
New one on the Left, Aiko's on the right.

They changed the case last year, to give it a new look. Which made me sad at first because I wanted the old one so that when I gave it to my family Christmas gift, they would know right away what it was. They didn't make it in T_T, by the time they got the item shipped it did not make it on the Holiday. I FOUND IT!!! and now I get to share it.

MGM Cosmetics also has different colors too:
 Fresh apple green
Sweet violet blue
Sassy citrus orange
Temptingly delicious chocolate
(Each of the Moodsticks are formulated to work with your own pH balance to give you your own signature color that hilights your natural color.)

Here is the website: MGMcosmetics.com

Review - MGM Cosmetics Fresh apple green lipstick.

(Fresh apple green 'The Next Generation' Left)
The updated case of the lipstick is rather nice. Less of the pearl green casing which makes me a little stand off-ish towards it. Not a 100% down for the clear cap - I don't want anybody seeing my messed up lipstick.

(Label on the bottom.)
 The application process:


(No Flash)

(What the color looks like on a make-up removal sheet)

The texture and feel of the lipstick is like lip balm, nice and smooth. It has a nice fruity apple jolly rancher like scent to it, which I adore the most. It's really not like any mood changing lipsticks I've seen here. Might take a little long to find your PH balance in order to give you the right color for you. When it does. n_n Amazeballz.

 A definite great find.

- Val