Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Kim-pares to Heaven .*+Glit*tar*ri+*.

The Kim-pares to Heaven .*+Glit*tar*ri+*.

Hey awesome people! Here is my snow flake glitter combo missmatchedmani. A lot of things have been going on in my life but I want you to know I will continue to do my best with my blog. Today though this is a first snow glitter look using Nothing Kim-pares to blue as the Alfa color and Stairway to Heaven as the Beta color. Since Revlon is coming out with their own dupe for Stairway to Heaven it will make this much more affordable. As for the Nothing Kim-pares to blue if you have Essie Bikini so teeny you can go ahead and do your own version. 

I would also like to add if you want to ask me any questions about me or anything please feel free to comment.

Products used:
1. Sally Hansen - Complete treatment continuous treatment growth nail polish (Base coat)
2. Nicole by OPI - Nothing Kim-pares to Blue
3. Deborah Lippmann - Stairway to Heaven
4. Sally Hansen - Complete Care 4-in-1 treatment (Top coat)

Nicole by OPI - Nothing Kim-pares to blue & Deborah Lippmann - Stairway to Heaven.


Hope you have a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!



Monday, October 15, 2012

Nail Polish Dupes (Fraternal or Identical)

Nail Polish Dupes are a wide known phenomena where two different companies make the shame shade of Nail Polish (or any other type of Cosmetics). This can happen when seasonal trends have a successful launch of a certain color or top coat. So to keep up with demand companies make it permanent or their own take on the shade. Sometimes they are spot on, others can be fairly disappointing.
Dupes can be copies of an object or color. Then their are the copies that aren't exact. I like to split the dupes into two categories. Fraternal dubes: Same family of color but are clearly different because of certain attributes. Identical dubes: Same family of colors and are exactly similar to one another.
I personally try not to buy dupes just to be cost efficient. But sometimes it can't be helped when they discontinue a shade or it's limited edition. Here is a list of the dupes I have and would like to show to you. To help you make a decision on what shade is best for your personal taste as well as the taste for your wallet.
On a different topic: I was going to and did make a video for this post on Youtube. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to edit it. Since I didn't want to wait to long until I actually uploaded it because some of these polishes are limited edition.

List of Products:

1. Opi - Rainbow connection
2. Claire's - Bedazzled
3. Tony moly - GS08 (Milky way)
4. Revlon - Whimsical
5. Tokidoki - Sandy
6. Nicole by opi - A gold winter's night
7. Nubar - 2012
8. Essie - Shine of the times
9. Nicole by opi - Kim pletely in love
10. Essie - Pink a boo
11. Opi - Significant other color
12. Zoya - Adina
13. Deborah lippmann - Sugar daddy
14. Maybelline - Pink cosmo

Swatches & Photos:

Rainbow Glitter Polishes:
Rainbow Glitters are a pain to take off but are also very popular. With new nail polish brands making similar shades it can be hard to choose what shade is right for you. Unless you don't care and they all look the same to you. As for me, I prefer my rainbow glitters to have a dominate glitter color like orange.
Opi's Rainbow connection has more silver glitters and the orange glitter was more to my liking since it blends so well with the sliver. The light blue glitter in this shade his easier on the eyes. Claire's Bedazzled has more of a dominance in blue and green glitters and the blue is darker not by a lot but it makes the Glitter seem cooler. It's also cheaper then the OPI shade which is also a limited edition color.
These polishes are fraternal dupes.
Pointer has two coats the Middle has one, the Ring has two coast the Pinky has one.

Yogurt Glitter Nail Polish:
This is a cute idea to use glitter in a polish using sheer shades.When Deborah Lippmann made their Glitter in the Air nail polish it spread on really quick. Soon after Revlon came out with a shade but for a few of us we were aware of this through the Korean Cosmetic lines. That's how I found out.
Revlon's Whimsical is a more aqua base and hold a lot more glitter. The application process is easier too the only problem I had is that the polish bubbles. Tony Moly's Milky Way didn't bubble on me but it was a lot harder to get the glitter to come out nicely on.
They both look different in the bottle but on the nail they look identical dupes.
Pointer has two coats the Middle has one, the Ring has two coast the Pinky has one.

Gold bar Glitter Nail polish:
This is one of my favorite bar nail polish glitter. It had just come out on the Tokidoki cosmetic line then went on sale soon after wards. Sephora was making room for new lines and also brought back Estee Lauder.
Tokidoki's Sandy was a must have shade the moment I met it. I was like "Latte? no SANDY" Remember being a sucker for gold shimmer. But it's so much more then that. It also has blue bar glitter as well and the small glitters that make up the back color is a pretty pinkish/lavender color with a clear base. Nicole's A gold winter's night is just as amazing because it's just identical.
These polishes are definitely identical dupes and if you missed Tokidoki sale hit up the new Kardashian's 2012 holiday collection. 
Pointer has two coats the Middle has one, the Ring has two coast the Pinky has one.

Fleck Glitter Nail Polish:
When Sally Hansen made Hidden Treasure they had something great in their hands. Though it was a limited edition nail polish that they never made permanent it made a demand that was heard by other companies.
Nubar's 2010 was a nice dupe for the color and I grabbed it right away, I'm not sure if it's limited edition because I bought it of e-bay. The glitter flecks are just pure fiery beauty.Essie came out with their version for the luxeffects in Shine of the times. They both are just great shades to wear on it's own or over a regular shade.
These two are identical dupes.

Pink with Blue duo chrome glitter:
When Nicole by opi came out with the Kardashian line Kim-peletly in love was a hit. It took me a while to find one and then when I did found out they became permanent. Which is fabulous. Then Essie continued to put out two more simular shade from their seasonal collections the most recent one being the Breast Cancer awareness line in Good morning hope.
Nicole's Kim-peletly in love is a peachy pink sheer varnish that has duo chrome blue-purple glitter in it. Sometimes the glitter sinks to the bottom but with a few twirls it's fine. Essie's Pink a boo came from the Resort 2012 collection. The varnish base is a baby pink with a lot of duo chrome glitters.
These polishes are fraternal dupes, because they are different glitter contents and the shades in the bottle are different.

Pointer has two coats the Middle has one, the Ring has two coast the Pinky has one.

Purple & Green duo chromes:
When I first got the Zoya fever I looked at all the shades that were highly raved about. Then I see this Duo chrome purple base green sheen color, that I've never had before.
Zoya's Adina: Is a nice dark purple duo chrome with a green sheen to it. It is sheer for a the first coat but you an reach full opacity with just two. With this shade it definitely shows the duo chrome on the nail.
Opi's Significant other color: A lighter version of the Adina, it's pretty sheer for the first coat but with about two-three more it reaches full opacity.
These two are fraternal dupes, Adina is darker and much more luminous then SOC which is pretty sheer wash of color.
Pointer has two coats the Middle has one, the Ring has two coast the Pinky has one.

Gold & Pink/lavender duo chromes:
This duo chrome is fun and flirty for me, Because out of all the beetle shell shades out there this seems to be the softest for me. With a Gold base and a pink/lavender duo chrome.
Deborah Lippmann's Sugar Daddy: When they came out with their own version of duo chromes it was amazing but since I had simular shades to them I only got one that stood out to me. The gold base for this varnish is a little stronger then the Maybelline's. It also captures light so much better to show off that duo chrome.
Maybelline's Pink Cosmo: Seems more of a muted version of the Sugar Daddy. The gold base is a little washed out like painted gold jewelry. The duo chrome is more dominate.
These two shades are fraternal twins. They are off shades of each other. One is more vibrant than the other.

Pointer has two coats the Middle has one, the Ring has two coast the Pinky has one.

Beetle duo chromes:
Pointer has two coats the Middle has one, the Ring has two coast the Pinky has one.
I really love these types of nail polish because if you are a fan of the National Geographic Beetle photos the colors of their shells are just beautiful.
Chanel's Peridot: Came out in a limited edition last year and I absolutely wanted it. It cost more then I really desire to pay for a nail polish but, that's why I got it. It has this really beautiful Green/teal base with a gold shimmer.
Opi's Just spotted the lizzard: Was released recently for the spider man line. At first I didn't think it could compare to Peridot. But I felt like having a back up. Then when I swatched them I was mortified and happy at the same time. Because not only did I over spend but they were Identical.
These two polishes are identical dupes.

I hope this helps you out in your purchases and even to inform you that even if a shade is discontinued or limited edition you can hold on to the hope that another brand will pass the torch.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Strawberry Kisses Nail Art

Strawberry Kisses Nail Art:

Today I have for you some Nail Art I've done. This was rather easy to do and just a nice ode to the passing Summer. So with out any more delays.

List of products:
1. Sally Hansen - Complete treatment continuous treatment growth nail polish (Base coat)
2. Sally Hansen Diamond strength nail Polish - Diamonds
3. Craft Store Stickers - little Strawberries
4. Martha Steward Craft beads
5. Nail Art Jems 
6. Sally Hansen - Triple strong advanced gel nail fortifier (Top coat)

Hope you enjoyed this Nail Art. It's rather simple to do so I felt that I didn't need to put directions on how to accomplish this. If you like this subscribe for more updates.


Monday, August 27, 2012

A Tokidoki Haul/Review

Yay it's here! So this is my Haul/Review on the Tokidoki cosmetic line. Grab yours before they sell out completely. I had a very nice time seeing the sale grow bigger and items run out. From the original sale at 40% to a nice 60% off on all products. Grabbed a bunch of palettes for gifts and even got to try a good brand on a fabulous deal. I collected a few more products though after I did this haul too, of the colors I wanted to try. There were surprises and disappointments. Overall I's just glad I was able to grab this amazing sale. Hopefully you can too on the Sephora website (Just type Tokidoki or Sale) and check it out in your local store. So without further excitement.

List of Products from Tokidoki cosmetics:

Eyeshadows -
1. Romeo
2. Skeletrina
3. Bastardino
4. Savana
5. Love from London Palette

Gelato Lip Balm Satin -
1. Carina
2. Mozzarella
3. Donutella

Prisma Lip Gloss -
1. Devil Girl

Nail Polish -
1. Stellina
2. Sandy
3. Latte


These were the single shadow packs that I bought.

Romeo: A nice wine brown color with a light shimmer. Now at $6.00. I love how on the shadow lable they show you the character it is named after. A cute love letter caring sparrow.

Skeletrina: A wonderful colbalt blue shadow with a very little shimmer, almost making it a matte shade. It just sparks some inspiration. Named after a Bluish purple lady kitty with Tokidoki's version of a Louis Vuitton printed design on her.

Bastardino: Oh I've been wanting this shade for a while. A forest green with gold glitter specks in it. My personal kryptonite. Named after a Cactus dog with an cute under bite that reminds me of our first dog Max.

Savana: A bright light gold shimmery glittery shade. I really love the color payoff for this shade. Looks like a foil liquid gold on the lids. Named after a fashionista lioness with blue hair.

Love from London Palette:

The Love from London Palette was a complete surprise for me. I originally bought one online. To use for the Berwick Street shade, dark brown shadow with small blue and purple glitter in it. I eventually ended up falling in love with all of them. Even the blush Parliament Square. Sadly that palette I had depot-ted them to put in my unii Palette that somehow when kicked around the shadows broke apart. So I had to go buy a new one. :(

This Palette is wonderful. They are quite unique, and best used with a base or a primer. Because they can be chalky.

Sloane Square: A cute matte light baby pink, mostly for a highlight shade it is great with warm colors. It is a little hard to pick up and you can build it up.

King's Road: A nice sliver glittery tan color that catches light very well. For a simple everyday look use this color with liner.

Berwick Street: Was the shade that made me talk myself into buying it. A dark red brown with purple and blue glitter in it. When you first dive into it you hardly get any of the glitter but the more you used it the easier it is to work with.

Savile Row: A shimmery bronze that give off a great sensual warmth. Very pigmented not chalky at all and even great on it's own.

Parliament Square: At first sight this blush doesn't seem at all interesting. But after swatching it on and trying it out, soo flattering!  Ravishing coral rose with a gold shimmer.

Baker Street: A matte beige highlight, it is as chalky as Sloane Square and sometimes this shade in a sheer swipe matches my skin too much. This is a great shade to highlight your inner corners.

Park Lane: A pastel yellow shade. I love using this shade as a highlight or a base color for the lid. Although it can look washed out while in sunlight or flash.

The Strand: A light silvery blue a cute flash of color, and just a cute light blue that can be used as a single shade and a brown liner.

Carnaby Street: First sight this blue didn't really pop out to me, crazy right? It is chalky like the others but can be build-ed to a great pastel version of a jet blue color.


L-R: Carina, Mozzarella, Dountella, and Devil Girl.

I gotta say the Lip balms weren't really that great when I first tried them, I felt they were over priced because it's just a sticker design on a case. So the design would sometimes get scratched off in my bag. That and the product wasn't as good as other tinted balms that were cheaper. Originally they were 9 bucks a pop! Now a whoaping 3 dollars. Do I feel cheated or what. But the Gloss was the best! The design the product and the application. Totally divine love for the lips.

Carina: A cute fuchsia tinted glossy balm. Sweet smelling and tasting. It also taste like wax. This tint is stronger then the other two.

Mozzarella: A light glossy red tint. Has a different smell to it almost like a cherry flower. Has the same light sweet taste to it also including the wax.

Donutella: A orange red tint with a glossy finish. Smells the same as Carina. Not really my favorite out of the bunch bust nice natural tinting.

Devil Girl: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this gloss. Even though I hardly wear gloss. The color is a nice sheer glossy red. Literally looks like water on the lips. The smell is amazing! Like candy and the applicator is unreal. It is just a plastic prong that smooths the gloss on like butter.


Nail Polish:

Stellina: One of my favorite glitter polishes out of the line. Has a clear base with little Purple glitters and bigger glitter in fuchsia or pink. Opacity was accomplished after three coats.

Sandy: An adorable gold and purple  little glitter has slim glitter in gold and blue. With a clear base. This was two coats. I like this color because it's not to thick and can pretty much be matched with a lot of colors.

Latte: A blue small glitter with slim glitter in purple and gold. This glitter polish is great and not as dark as it looks in the bottle.

Val - Beauty is in anything you put your mind's eye too. Even dirt, if it inspires you to see roses it's worth digging.

Hope you enjoyed this Review/Haul, if you have any questions put it in the comment box below.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tokidoki (Stellina) .*+Glit*tar*ri+*.

Story: Tokidoki (Stellina) .*+Glit*tar*ri+*.

I know it's been a while since I posted anything. This is because I've been job hunting for a job that allows makeup and all color nail polish. But so far it's pretty tough here in Hawaii. So on the weekends I got ape $h!t. Since Sephora is discontinuing the tokidoki brand I've been utilizing the sale they are having. So I got a lot of things and I will hopefully be able to get all the photos and edit the video in time before they end the sale completely. For this entry I wanted to do a .+*Glit*tar*ri+*. nail using tokidoki's Stellina. So here we are.

List of products:
1. Sally Hansen - Complete treatment continuous treatment growth nail polish (Base coat)
2. Butter London - Primrose Hill Picnic
3. Tokidoki - Stellina
4. Sally Hansen - Complete Care 4-in-1 treatment (Top coat)

*Before I start I wanted to mention that out of all the top coats I've used I love the Triple strong advanced gel for glitter polishes because it evens out the texture a lot better then most. Plus it's very strong a durable.  
* I used Primrose Hill Picnic as the color base for the Stellina because the Glitter has a clear base.
* Only put Stellina on my Thumb, Ring, and Pinky.

The Polishes:
L-R: Tokidoki - Stellina, Butter London - Primrose Hill Picnic

 Light Swatches:
Tokidoki's Stellina and base color coat Butter London's Primrose Hill Picnic.

 Glitter Swatch: Sorry it's a little unfocused - was in a rush and couldn't stop moving.

 So whether you're late in the game or a head of the trend do it because it makes you happy.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Now you Slither me (L'Oreal Sally Mani)

Story: Now you Slither me ( A L'oreal Sally Miss matched mani)

This is a rather interesting and fun miss matched mani, if your into snake skin print or want to try it out. Why not on your nails? I really like how this combo came out and even just made my summer trendy and cheeky. So with out further adieu... Now you Slither me now you don't. ;). 

List of products:
1. Sally Hansen - Complete treatment continuous treatment growth nail polish (Base coat)
2. L'Oreal Color riche - Now you sea me.
3. Sally Hansen Salon effects - BrattleSnake
4. Sally Hansen - Triple strong advanced gel nail fortifier (Top coat)

Product photo:
L'Oreal color riche - Now you sea me & Sally Hansen Salon effects - Brattlesnake

L'Oreal Color riche - Now you sea me & Sally Hansen Salon effects - Brattlesnake.

 So whether you late in the game or a head of the trend, do it because it make you happy.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A L'Oreal's 2012 Summer (New 24 hour infallible eyeshadow)

Story: L'Oreal Summer of 2012

Lucky me to be in the right place at the right time. There I was at Walgreens hoping to catch the last L'oreal Summer Golden line and here I find even newer 24 infallible eyeshadow. So naturally I bought all the colors at once, it was in my budget for cosmetics plus Walgreens was having a sale on L'oreal products buy 1 get 1 1/2off.  Sadly here in Hawaii sometimes once it's gone... it never comes back, unless you shop e-bay. Even soo, I have to accept that I will never have a Pink Sapphire (The 24 hour shadow kind). But I don't think I could learn to accept the lost of these delights. These are rather interesting and couldn't come at a better time. So here are swatches and reviews.

List of Products:

L'Oreal 24HR infallible eye shadows in...

- Bottomless Java
- Liquid Diamond
- Smoldering Plum
- Glistening Garnet
- Endless Sea
- Golden Emerald

L'Oreal 24 hour infallible eye shadows of Summer 2012:
T-B L-R: Bottomless Java, Liquid Diamond, Smoldering Plum, Glistening Garnet, Endless Sea, & Golden Emerald.

Liquid Diamond: A very nice light sliver base with some glitter like flecks. I always loved sliver shadows and it's nice in a while to go back to what makes you comfortable. That being said if you already have a nice silver shadow like this one there is no point to invest.

Bottomless Java: Oh I really love this one, it's the perfect brown for lining the eyes. It's a warm java bean base with a fascinating golden shine that makes it look like a chocolate orange color. I am so glad about this one it's nothing that I have ever owned before. The photos just don't do it justice.

Smoldering Plum: What are the odds to look for a plum shadow and then suddenly poof, it appears right in front of you. Not high I'll tell yea. A dark plum purple with a violet pink shimmer. I can't wait for the fall to come around with this smoldering smokey eye.

Glistening Garnet: This color is rather interesting, because I would think that this could be a close call to Urban Decay's Woodstock but a L'Oreal touch to it. For this magenta color comes alive when the light touches it, it just springs to life.

Endless Sea: Hmm I kinda wasn't expecting something that looks like a aqua version of teal. Since most of the 24 hour shadows are rather dark or too light. This shadow definitely can surprise you, no matter what light it's in it just seems to pop. I'm interested to see what looks come out with this shade.

Golden Emerald: Yay Emeralds! I was hoping they would make a nice green gold shadow glad they named it Golden emerald - Cuz it is. Darker then Golden sage it has a much more contrast to the golden shimmer making it just complement the entire shadow. This is a color I would enjoy seeing everyday not because green is a favorite color but because it would even be perfect for Christmas season.


So whether your late in the game or a head of the trend do it because it make you happy - Val

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A ME day (Mineral Essence Haul/Review)

A ME day - Mineral Essence Haul/Review:

Now I can honestly say I have never really owned a mineral anything for cosmetics. In fact I wasn't even sure I ever wanted to try. I've always thought mineral foundation/shadows/ just cosmetics in general were dully colored and or boring. I felt that if it was good for you it must taste (look) yucky - It's a childish concept I KNOW. Haha but if your not familiar with it, it can be hard to muster up the courage to try something. I was on the prowl as usual looking for a wine colored eye shadow, see I saw Tokidoki's Romeo and wanted that shadow soooo bad but just didn't want to pay 15 bucks for a pretty case and only just one color. Walking into Sears just to look around at the sales I see this sale going on in the ME cosmetic stance. Online they are $16.00 + shipping shadows doesn't muster enough courage to buy. But in Sears, they went from $16.00 to $8.50. Now I've always over looked this because it said MINERAL COSMETICS.I figured to swatch a few of their eye shadows to see if any of them were worth getting. I did a few on my hand and my eyes went  O,O >Boing! One of the colors looked like a dupe for MAC's - Old Gold. I kept going with the swatches and ended up buying six of the shimmer shadows and two of the lipsticks. I am not a make-up artist, but I would like to be some day, please forgive my minor concussion to Mineral Cosmetics.

Here are my swatches and further reviews....

List of Products:
me Shimmer eye shadows in ($16.00 online - $8.50 sears sale)
White Zin
Fiji Blue
Jamaican Sunrise
Hawaiian Mai Tai

me Liner eye shadows in  ( $12.00 online - $6.50 sears sale)
Deep Space

me Sheer lipsticks in ($16.00 online - $8.50
Peach Fizz
Popsicle Kiss

Eye shadow swatches:

Deep Space: Deep space was a random buy I'll admit, but I never owned a semi matte black shadow for liner purposes only. These are loose pigments so expect some mess involved. This black lightly shimmered shadow just looks like charcoal that is nice charcoal.

Merlot: Is a cool purple shade that has a sliver-ish simmer to it, It's a nice dark wine color unfortunately I was looking for a wine color more on the warmer side. But this is just stunning! Could you imagine the nice smokey eye with this wine? I'd call it the sultry wine goggles look.

White Zin: I loved this only because it was a pink shadow with gold shimmer, and you know I have a weakness for gold shimmer colors.  After swatching it over and over in the store I had to get it. It's a nice warm golden shimmer color that pops cutie. I love how I have a Merlot & a White Zin, oh how my eye were getting drunk on these colors.

Fiji Blue: I had actually fought on myself for getting this color because I felt I already had a shadow like this. A gray-ish blue hue underneath with a mix of gold/olive shimmer. I couldn't resist after a while because the color felt like it came in a set for the last two colors after this.

Jamaican Sunrise: When I saw this my heart did a flip and my mind did a WTF? I had recently bought a MAC loose pigment in Old gold and yet here for half off was a semi dupe for it. (Kicking myself). This lightly bronzed gold with a green shimmer was a complete stunner for me. I fell in love with Old gold and right here is it's younger version New gold. It was Jamaican me in love. (Corny blah blah.)

Hawaiian Mai Tai: Lastly was the first shadow I bought this one. I put this last because I knew I would just gush about it sooooo much<3 I love this shadow, it is almost another dupe for a MAC pigment I just can't remember what the name was. Mai Tai is just a pretty orange color with a pink shimmer. I don't own anything like this soo it was a definite must have for me. This warm orange color is perfect for summer hues and the shimmer just makes it feel like a vacation on your eyes.

Lipstick swatches:

Peach Fizz:
It was a great color I'll admit, but I felt bad getting it only because I have so many just like it. More of a light mixture of a sheer cream with shimmer it is an everyday color you could wear anywhere. Smooth application all the way, but is smell throws me off a little. Almost like I'm putting sunscreen or mud on my lips. It's not flavored so like a all natural lipstick made of all natural ingredients.

Popsicle Kiss:
I love this color, it's exactly what it is called. This summer for me is about the sheer tint lip colors. I use this more then the Peach fizz because I can do the popsicle lips a lot better with this lipstick. I just put in on the center of my lips to make it look like I've been eating a Popsicle. Even though I sometime wish that was the case. If your into the Asian trend of making your lips look like the popsicle kiss this is the lipstick for you. Same scent though, but a nice smooth application.

You can see here that MAC's Old Gold is darker than ME's Jamacian Sunrise.
(Not an exact Dupe: Swatch on the Left is ME - Jamacian Sunrise Right is MAC - Old Gold)

So whether your late in the game or ahead of the trend do it because it makes you happy. - Val

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A gray tokidoki nail day.

Story: A gray tokidoki nail art day.

I was waiting for a while, for Sephora to finally get the Tokidoki nail polish + nail art stickers. Months went by and nothing so I forgot about it. Till last month I received a call that they were finally getting them in and out on the floor by the 23(May). I put the wrong nail polish on hold though, it wasn't a problem because they didn't run out when I got there so I did get the color I really wanted was Sandy but Latte the color I put on hold was nice too. I only bought one but to my surprise they even had the nail art stickers on sail. So I was pretty cool with that, thinking maybe when I visit my sister I'll paint her nails with these. What made me sad was that there was only one Mozzarella. (The only character I like, probably because I'm a Taurus.) Go fig? Any way, I wanted to try them out little by little to get a feel for the stickers. So here it goes, Tokidoki nail art no.1

List of products:
1. Sally Hansen - Complete treatment continuous treatment growth nail polish (Base coat)
2. OPI - My pointe exactly.
3. Nicole by OPI - Kardashian color in Here Kim's the sun.
4. Tokidoki - Nail art stickers
5. Sally Hansen - Triple strong advanced gel nail fortifier (Top coat)

L-R: Nicole by OPI/ Kim Kardashian - Here Kim's the sun, Tokidoki - Nail art stickers, & OPI- My pointe exactly.

Here is a tip about the stickers:
They are delicate so when you figure out where you want them - make sure. Because sometimes when you set them but notice they're off you could rip them apart trying to re-set them. The backs not clear either to you usually have to eye ball it. What I did was carefully take them off, then used the tip of a toothpick to set them.

Swatches <3 :

Tokidoki - Nail art, Nicole - Here Kim's the sun, OPI - My pointe exactly.

Stay posted for my next blog about Mineral Essence. I recently came across them and fell in love with the colors. Plus a dupe for Mac's Old Gold.

So whether your late in the game, or ahead of the trend. Do it because it makes you happy.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Holy! Tony Moly - Haul/Review

The Story: Tony Moly Haul/Review

Ok short story TonyMoly is a Korean based Cosmetic line from skin care, to make up, to nails. Did I mention the cutest designs for their products? Well if not, let me tell you they are adorable. I remember looking for other dupes for the Deborah Lippmann's glitter in the air. Now most of us know by now that you can grab a dupe for this color from Revlon's nail polish Whimsical. But there are at least two more products that match this nail polish. One of them is the TonyMoly nail polish GS08 Milky way. There is one more company that makes this type of nail polish but I didn't want to buy it and have three different dupes for just one nail polish (Innisfree Color #84). But there were other colors I bought for a future post for milky glitters with bases. Any way getting off topic, not only did I get nail polish but these soo cute lip balms with rabbit covers. I wanted to collect them all, after testing these colors I decided not to I'll tell you why later. Also got a BB cream that I find I use almost every day. So here is the Haul/Review with Pikchas!

List of Products:
1) Dear me BB cream
2)Petite Bunny Gloss bar #3 apple,5 peach, & 6 orange (There are 9 to choose from)
3) Nail polish Star line GS08 Milky way, 09 Shooting star,10 Pinky star.

 (I'm making the pictures big so you can see the products better.)
Products L-R: Dear Me BB cream w/30spf, Petite Bunny gloss bar, Star nailpolish

TONYMOLY Dear me BB cream:
Dear me BB cream

The TonyMoly Dear me BB cream: One of the best BB creams I've been trying out this year. It has 30SPF with whitening, skin tone evening, and sun protection. You can see that it also brightens and whitens the skin a little when you put it on, be in mind that this is not settled with powder. Usually when I do it helps it blend into my skin better. I like it, I use it almost everyday. Not enough to see a dramatic change in my skin, though knowing that it has 30SPF does keep me relaxed. Cause girl I got some acne scars I don't want getting any darker. So I would recommended this product.

 TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Gloss Bars:
Petite Bunny Gloss Bar: #5 Happy Peach, #6 Mad Orange, #3 Wink Apple

Petite Bunny Gloss Bar #5: This Gloss bar is a peach scented + light tinted color. It gives a muted glossy glow and even tones your lips while hydrating them. Now I was hoping it was a great lip moisturizer like the one from Dermstore lip quencher but frankly it's not. It lost it's fuel at least in two hours and the color as well. But maybe because I bite my lips when in deep thought or work. This cover smiles :)
(Other colors include: Strawberry, Grape, Apple, Cherry, Peach, Orange, Neon Orange, Neon Red, and Neon Yellow.)

Petite Bunny Gloss Bar #6: This Gloss bar is a orange scented + tinted color. I really liked this one because it reminded me about Revlon's Butters in Tutti Frutti but with less color. I like how it's not a lipstick but a balm. It still ran out on the conditioning during the rough day. I like how it's a nice touch of orange you can barely see but know it's there. This cover is mad >:(

Petite Bunny Gloss bar #3: This Gloss bar is a apple scented + tinted color. I LOVE the apple smell lately. I have no idea why but I do, so I was happy to buy this. One of the darkest shades you could order out of the 9 shades/scents you can choose from. I really like this one because it leaves a more red-ish tint. I also like how the cover winks at me. ;(

TONYMOLY Star Nail polish GS08, GS09, &GS10:

Tony moly's GS08 Milky way:
This is the color I thought could be another dupe of the Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the air & Revlons Whimsicle. It has a nice yogurt like polish with Pink, Blue, and little Sliver glitters in it. I do like this more then the Revlon one because I always seem to get bubbles in it. But with this polish none. It does have a chemical smell.

Tony moly's GS09 Shooting star:
I really like this glitter polish, because the polish is a nice lavender yogurt with rainbow glitters. This is definitely something I have never owned or tired before and is a complete delight. It's different from Deborah Lippmann's Candy shop. It does have Light blue, Green, Yellow, Sliver, and Red glitters. I would say this is a must have! And yes it does have a chemical smell to it. But once it's dries it's gone.

 Tony moly's GS10 Pinky star:
I love this color so much! The pink yogurt with the Red, Yellow, Pink and small sliver glitters are sooo pretty. I really like this one out of all three of them. Just because it's so warm and it looks just absolutely delicious. I would say this is a must see,try, and have. Same chemical smell but once it's dry it's all glitters.

(I will show all my Yogurt cream glitters in one post with base coats sometime. So stay tuned.)

So whether your late in the game or ahead of the trend, do it cause it makes you happy.